Leo November 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-10-23, 3460 views

You may try to be friendly with certain people but this doesn’t all of a sudden turn you into the friendliest person in the world and it seems that this is an example that can be extended to a lot of situations you will deal with this November.

A lot of stubbornness will probably put you on the blacklist of one of your friends but you shouldn’t worry much about this. Try not to create a scene and hopefully you will be able to rekindle that.

Coming back to work plans, it seems that you are trying your best but time is not on your side. Try to priorities what you want to do and don’t feel in any way that you have failed if you don’t manage to achieve everything in the amount of time you want to.

Mars is offering a lot of constructive energy and you shouldn’t use all of it professionally, there are a lot of other things that are expected of you and perhaps you should take advantage of this moment to pursue those.

Romance and more

The first few days will see you in full romance as you try to behave nicely and be as attractive as possible. The single natives are the luckiest in this respect because they get to go out there and work their charms.

Those in relationships might feel a bit intimidated by all the energy around them and Venus comes with some temptation as well, something that will only worsen the general feeling.

The worst you can do is look at what others are doing. Be happy with what you have and perhaps a comfortable night at home, just snuggling in the arms of your dearest, is exactly what you need.

You can be adventurous in different ways and as the first weekend of the month will prove to you, there are even some physical activities you can get involved with, either as hobbies or as sports.

Don’t be impossible

You tend to send off these confrontational vibes at work, even if you don’t necessarily want to. Although you are working hard, perhaps harder than some of the people around you, this doesn’t mean that you are entitled to behave like this.

For some natives, this might actually turn into a problem of dynamic if they continue so. On the other hand, some new benefits of the job, perhaps tied to the new amount of work you are putting in, are convincing you that you are doing the right thing.

Speaking of benefits, it seems that November releases some money ties, and you will most likely be able to pursue something you long wanted.

You might even get family approval, which in respect to this purchase, is something you really cared about.

What bothers you

Around the 18th, some minor health nuisance is going to prevent you from finishing a particular job and this will surely get on your nerves. If it is something that you can control, then it shouldn’t be a trouble.

But if you are taking it on those in your family who have no connection to that, then this is not something you should be proud of. Coming back to the health issue, this might be connected to physical strain or some other type of excess from the past week.

Love makes another return but this time you will be somewhat forced to discuss feelings, perhaps not even yours. Some natives will have to determine the fate of their relationships all of a sudden and some ultimatums may be put out there.

The current disposition those offer some wisdom but this only has to do with adapting to the new change. Whatever you decide pertains to the heart and this is where all the complications enter scene.

Fun time awaits

The last week of the month is going to be a challenging one but in a good way as it will allow you to show your competitive spirit.

Most natives will get to have some sort of plans with their friends and of course this will happen within a setting they are usually very comfortable with.

These moments will help you get away from any drama and negativism that has accumulated around your life. Don’t expect to find any answers in the endeavors you are going to participate in as it seems that this is only for entertainment purposes only.

On the same note, if you have any moral dilemmas or things you would like to talk to your friends, perhaps arrange a different meeting so you don’t seem a bit uptight.

Someone might approach you to ask for a favor and you should be very cautious with the way you answer that.

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