Leo November 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-10-22, 6338 views

A relatively peaceful November ahead for you dear Leo as it seems that you will be enjoying more time spent with your family than usual and you may get the chance to travel with those dear as well.

This is a great month to work on that emotional connection you have going on with those dear and to extract your own peace of mind out of this.

The stars will still keep you in the spotlight and you will be enjoying this as you normally do. However, you may come out with some harsh reactions in case anyone criticizes something you decide to do. Be careful because it is exactly this type of reactions that may throw shade onto your otherwise shiny image.

What your mind decides to focus on

The first week of November may put a slight strain on you as it seems that something is not moving in the rhythm you would want it to. This will bring up your anxiety levels and may even get you to reminisce a time when something similar happened.

Don’t let your subconscious overrule you on this because it is not the case. Perhaps you are too eager to see things happening and you don’t account for some normal limitations that are due to create some delays.

Your partner may be able to calm things down a bit in these circumstances but of course, it will also be an internal battle for you, in regards to whether you are going to listen to them or not.

Spending time with friends

After such a tense week you do deserve a break and this will surely come in the second week when you will have enough time for yourself and may even dedicate from it to those dear.

A great occasion to meet up with friends but try to be impartial with who you get to see and who you don’t or else, news about favorites is going to arise.

One of your friends may even come up with some sort of business proposition and you will be quick to embrace it, although you are not very sure.

This is another sign that you require excitement and perpetual stimulation. Luckily, the whole idea is not to bad and your involvement in it will eventually favor you.

Learning something new

And talking about mental stimulation, it seems that you will benefit from plenty of this throughout the second half of the month. You are switching your focus daily and it seems that you want to expand your knowledge.

This is a great occasion for all sort of self development activities but beware of anything you do on your own. The stars advise towards taking organized lessons rather than self guided study, as you tend to be quite indulgent with yourself.

Some natives may have a small financial worry around the 20th but this will get sorted easily as someone in the family intervenes, without even being asked to.

You may be picked up on this but in a very subtle way so you have nothing to worry about this or how it may affect your all very precious image in front of others.

Opening up

You are going to place yourself in dreamland after the 27th and are not going to escape from there, no matter what. Some may say that you are way too distracted for your own good but you are not planning on paying any attention to them.

Some opportunities may come up and go like they came because you are too busy envisioning something that cannot be accomplished in the short term, no matter how much you would try.

The end of November also marks and end to some restrictions you have self imposed on yourself in your love life and it seems that you will gradually become more open to others, although still reluctant about their real intentions.

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