Leo November 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-10-21, 4368 views

The two highlights of November can be named as prosperity and relationship advance but these may not be happening at the same time or be linked and also, you will be required a great deal of effort to make the best out of them.

This is a great month to leave aside past preconceptions and just look for a bright future ahead. There may be some minor conflicts arising because your change of attitude will most likely ruffle some feathers, but there is no need to worry about these things. The attitude of others is not your problem as long as you are doing the right things for you.

Your normally gregarious behaviour will mellow down for a bit this month and you may find yourself engrossed in several moments of contemplation throughout the days. You are not going to turn completely introspective all of a sudden but there will most certainly be an influence.

During the second half of the month, some natives may be involved in a domestic project of some kind, one that might involve legal documents as well but it seems that the protection of the stars will help you move past this with ease.

A true fighter

During the first week of November, up until the New Moon on the 7th, you will find that you are working very hard for the results you wish to obtain, perhaps harder than usual. But as the New Moon will promote, you need to pick your battles wisely and move on.

There is no time to get stuck on certain details but surely there is time to be forgiving and empathic. You may also find that by coming to peace with the behaviours of others, you will become more comfortable in our own skin.

There may also be occasions for you to just relax and not have anything major to be dealing with and this of course will be something sweet and will help with your confidence levels.

The Sun sextile Pluto debuting on the 11th will bring action back into your life and will see you being able to influence people in your direction. This is a great time to propel your achievements and to get people to follow you based on your results.

You are also in a great position regarding communication and your eloquence will end up being well regarded. The only word of caution refers to the fact that you may not keep your feet on the ground the whole time and might end up believing some of those extraordinary words yourself too.

And it appears that the stars will continue to fuel that adventurous self of yours, with the Mars sextile Uranus occurring on the 15th and bringing extra fighting spirit in you.

All of a sudden, you will appear to be interested in the fate of those around and will take it upon yourself to sort everyone’s problems.

A temperament hard to keep in check

With the occasion of Venus returning its direct transit, all your love woes will go away and you will be free to employ your charms to almost anyone.

Your risk taking will be at all-time high, just like your passion so your love crush will most certainly have nowhere to escape from you.

It is important to be patient however and get tuned to the expectations of the other person because there is also the risk of you scaring them off. Your spontaneity may be attractive but at the same time can be unnerving.

Mars square Jupiter on the 19th comes with another warning about what battles you should be picking and no matter what tensions may occur in the workplace during this time, it is best that you keep away from any discussions.

This is also not the time for any practical endeavors so be mindful as there is a risk of accidents. Try to balance work with leisure activities or else there is also a risk of burn-out.

Some extra rebellion may also occur into this already shaken mix via the Sun quincunx Uranus on the 21st and you will again find yourself biting your tongue, rather than lash out at people who you consider are spewing out non-sense.

Be flexible, especially when needing to work in a group, you never know how a seemingly bad idea could blossom into something everyone could be proud of.

The month is considered to come to a close with a bit of a bang with the Mercury conjunct Jupiter on the 27th and the Venus Uranus opposition on the 30th.

The first is the best time of the month for spirituality and for getting in tune with your real emotions whilst the second will offer some small opportunities to come to grips with conclusions that have occurred in your social life recently.

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