Leo November 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Keep going, Leo, don’t settle! While you remain the most ambitious, you will hardly get the results you are looking for right now. However, the effort you put into your goals will be worth it in the long run.

In fact, your relationships with colleagues become easier and all your work or professional issues should be diminished.

In the meantime, you can take it all the way at home or with regards to family. Throughout the next couple of weeks, there will be opportunities for growth in this area of ​​your life, which could mean anything from an extended family to better living conditions.

This November, those born in Leo are motivated to harmonize their relationships with family and loved ones, have many opportunities to fulfil their love life, and then to focus on a realistic career path.

November highlights

For the next couple of weeks, you can expect prosperity and harmony, which will be brought to you by the stars on a personal level. Now is the perfect time for Leos to take the next step.

You can also expect excellent family relationships. Minor conflicts that may arise will be resolved as soon as possible.

Right from the start of the month you may notice some improvements regarding the relationship with your life partner and any young relatives.

If you are single, you certainly will not miss the chance to flirt but some stress at work may keep you from really enjoying your free time.

Be careful not to throw your frustrations on your loved ones around the middle of the month and explain yourself better to avoid misunderstandings. You will continue to find it a little hard to divide yourself between home life and your career, right up until the 26th.

You will end the month in quite a lively mood, especially if your social interactions, where you will shine as bright as possible. Watch you back though because someone might be throwing some rumours about you out there.

Leo love horoscope for November 2019

Someone you were very emotionally linked to in the past may reappear suddenly in your life in the first part of the month. You don't know how to react, especially if you already have other obligations.

As the nostalgia fades, there is a quiet period in terms of sentimental life, in which you and your partner talk a lot and make decisions about the home, a possible move, or raising the family.

The relationship with children evolves better than you expected, especially if you show tact and indulgence. You must learn not to want to keep your loved ones locked up in a cage.

For Lions who are engaged in a serious relationship, November comes with a jealousy towards their partners.

There are probably no reasons to justify your possessiveness, but in the end, you will manage to recover. If you are alone, a person you would have never thought of might try to steal your attention and heart.

Career and finances progress this month

You show a lot of stamina and focus in November, which can help you grow further than you can imagine professionally speaking.

If you do not have a breakthrough, be it formal or informal, surely your superiors will target you as a model employee.

You may be receiving praise, but you also have regrets when nothing concrete happens. If you feel like you're being talked around, be a little firmer, especially if you are demanding a raise or similar.

Good auspices appear in the work area and help you consolidate your position, so it may be wiser to avoid any major changes at the moment.

After the 20th, be prepared for a rather unpleasant surprise, an issue with legal papers or similar, something that will require quite a great deal of time, energy and nerves from you, before it can be sorted.

Health and wellbeing

Whilst the start of November might be a little tense and your thoughts will make you moodier than usual, from the 20th onwards you tend to relax a little more and stop thinking all negatively.

You need to cultivate a climate of trust in your own abilities and follow that no matter what. This is a good period for new diets, for anyone who is trying to lose weight just before the winter holidays.

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