Leo November 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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November will be a month in which you’re going to feel exhausted for no reason. Perhaps the pressure that has been upon you the entire year has accumulated, as things haven’t been very easy for you in 2020.

Keep in mind that you need to rest. All Leos should slow down their pace and try not to worry about what doesn’t matter. Before going out in the world to shine again, just recharge your batteries.

Expect November to also be balanced and bring you prosperity because the stars want to see you happy at a personal level. Take the next steps when it comes to completing your projects. Your family relationships will be great, with minor conflicts getting resolved very rapidly.

November 2020 Highlights

You should dedicate the entire month of November to your family and friends, also reflect on what has happened during the year.

Take a moment to relax and to think twice before making decisions because some of the events being unfolded need to be addressed with more sensitivity.

Remain cautious when going shopping. Make sure you don’t give in completely to the Christmas buying madness. Your home life will be effervescent and your relationships the most interesting.

The Sun in Scorpio will send powerful vibes to the family and home sector, whereas Mercury will make you more respectful to your place of living from the 11th until the 30th. Mars in the Fire sign Aries will make you stronger.

Mercury in Libra until the November 10th, and Venus in the same sign until the 21st, will make you more eloquent and sensitive to movement, all while favoring meetings.

At work, the sky will slow down your energy, putting an emphasis on commitment and long-term consequences of your actions, during the last 2 decans of the month.

The planet Neptune will influence you to be more interested in the mysteries of life. Creativity will be the word of the day starting with the 22nd, whereas in the 1st decan, you will want to do some renovations.

You will be very sociable this month, but only if you don’t roar when the powerful Scorpios sends its energies your way. Just relax because the Heaven has a plan for you.

Leo Love Horoscope for November

You will be more sensual as a result of Mars and Venus being in Libra. More than this, the same planet will make you more sociable. In case you are happy with your relationships, new facets of the connection with your partner will be revealed, and you will feel like you have a partner in crime.

Your energy will be burning, and you’ll be more erotic than ever. Saturn in Sagittarius and Uranus in Aries are going to make you more eager to have unpredictable events unfolding. It’s like you won’t be able to resist this urge.

Until November 14th, expect to have fun and to enjoy romance because Venus is in Sagittarius. Leos will be more and more concerned about a problem they think it can’t be solved, not to mention some disturbing revelations may bother them.

They’re going to be more jealous and possessive, also scared that their beliefs are wrong. Many of them will realize what’s happening and try to change it, whereas others will decide to just spend their time alone.

All Leos are going to be more sexually curious, eager to enjoy themselves and to relax. The first days of November will give Leos the opportunity to travel with their partner.

They will be surprised with long romantic walks and forget all about their work responsibilities. It’s a good idea for them to no longer focus that much on their professional life when their partner wants them to relax.

With Arieses, they will have some worrisome fluctuations, but after all, this is what love is all about. Virgos will wait for them to win their heart over.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Work relationships will bring you relief, more credibility and stability. The presence of Jupiter in Virgo is going to bring about movement, opportunities, also the chance to make a good investment or change your career for the better.

Just use this energy to come up with new ideas, take initiative, give orders and make new connections. You will be very perceptive and active.

Your conversations with your colleagues are going to be lively, even if there will be some power struggles caused by Pluto in Capricorn. Leos will be asked to travel in their country for work.

This will have them establishing their professional authority and be more important than usually. Mid-November, they will have an unproductive period.

Problems at home will catch all their attention and they will no longer focus on their career goals. This means they will need to somehow balance things.

Cancers will be their best partners for business because they will learn from them how to be active at work and at the same time be there for their family.

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