Leo October 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-09-25, 3594 views

A lot of things will seem to go against you this October but this is only a sensation and also a great starting point for you to work on your diplomacy and in general, to be a lot more peaceful and patient.

And since we are talking about lessons this month has for you, why not take a look at what happens emotionally, where you will be tested, most likely in your relationship. Your partner seems to be at their wits end in regard to something you are doing, or, haven’t done.

And this means you will have to sail some difficult seas and the amends will cost you, most likely emotionally as well. But those who keep their eyes open will also benefit from interesting chances and will bring a fresh air into their lives.

Slowly moving

The first week of October announces to be quite slow, something that is ought to get on your nerves. But it is best to have this period of calm before the next.

You might find yourself occupying your time with activities you have postponed in the past, or, who knows, trying something new, you wouldn’t have tried otherwise.

Surprising enough, this will offer you the time to get to know some people better, perhaps at work. There may be chances for you to take this out of the office as well and may attend some friendly gatherings.

The single ones may have their hopes high, especially if there is a love interest in the combination as well. As I said, things are slow to move during this period so don’t expect any sparkles, but if it has to be, then it will be.

Work and friends

The 14th might present itself with some work challenges and you will finally feel as if you are riding a wave. But don’t get too excited because this won’t be very long.

What will also happen, is that your own results might depend on someone else’s work and you will have to bite your tongue to not pressure them.

Leave things to follow their natural course, especially if there is some chance for you to be mistaken as well.

Some new social pressure might also come in the game, with some old friends returning in your life. You will not be able to avoid them so you will have to sacrifice some of your personal hours for that.

You will not regret it though and this will probably be a surprise for you as well. Some shopping occasion might come out of this, perhaps someone is finally helping you with that choice or you are given a good tip. This is why interaction is actually good, to a dose, of course.

Complicated love

With Venus moving ahead for you on the 18th, surely love will play a big role in this month’s developments. But not necessarily the one you are expecting it to play. So not everything is milk and honey but surely it is for the best in your case.

I guess even you prefer to go through a storm at the moment to set some things clear so you can then enjoy smooth sailing. And storms are most likely created out of false expectations and perhaps promises, either of you hasn’t kept.

We are not necessarily talking about real deceit here but we are closing in, especially if your relationship is a strong one in which confidence is a high stake. The good news is that the current disposition won’t let any of you make any rush decisions.

What else is happening

As we are nearing the end of the month, a lot of your ambitious self is coming back and you have even less attention to small details. A lot of responsibilities from work are going to kind of hit you but the good news is that most of them will be like a scare and you can handle them just fine.

You need access to a lot more information and are trying to enlarge your horizon. I wouldn’t be surprised if some natives decide to continue on their education and do something in this direction.

Some negotiations are going to benefit from the position of the stars but don’t expect to get something you don’t deserve, no matter how creative you get with the explanations.

Mars might also raise an alarming point about your health, not necessarily in the sense that you might suffer acutely of something but in the sense of making you a lot more aware of your body and the duties you have to it.

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