Leo October 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-09-24, 3546 views

You are going to graciously accept some decisions made on your behalf this October and although at the moment this will feel quite harsh, in the end you will realize that it is for the best and that you now carry little responsibility on the matter.

There will be a lot of fun moments this month and it seems that you will find it quite easy to get out of your comfort zone. Some natives will try new activities, however, nothing of a major change like changing work or something.

Overall, you are happy with where things are at the moment even though deep inside, there are still all sort of dramatic thoughts going through your mind.

Balance and love

Balance is what you are seeking this October when it comes to your love life and especially if you are single at the moment, you will stop chasing that ideal and just get on with your life.

This is not to say that no events will take place. You might get to meet a person who you will just consider a great friend for a long time before you actually get to see something else in them.

Those already in a relationship will get more and more comfortable with each other so it seems that this month is especially beneficial to those who are nearing the end of honeymoon period in their relationship and who are yearning to sort of return to their comfy old habits.

Take this as a great green pass at just living your life without being afraid of what impression you are going to make.

Talent at work

You are going to be very receptive with work this moth and you may achieve more than usual just because you are open to new challenges.

You are also going to be quite lucky in the sense that although you are taking more work, you are getting all the good points and experience out of it and not necessarily overwhelm your already busy schedule.

Social life will mix with work as it seems that you will be very much present in office politics. This time your luck may be running out however as it seems that around the 17th, you might not come in top shape after one session of gossip.

Either that you make a faux pas or take something too personally, after this episode, you are going to be a lot more refrained.

Searching for health solutions

It is going to be some sort of going back to school for you this month in terms of wanting to know more about a particular condition or particular effects. You are going to be very attentive to your body’s reactions and may end up seeking all sort of solutions.

The only thing you are stubbornly not going to do is ask for the help of a specialist, which in some cases, if things are truly serious, is going to prove to be a stupid thing.

Other than this, there may be some sleepless nights as it seems you are quite susceptible to some changes in the atmosphere but nothing of major impact.

Lessons to learn

There will be some occasions to experiment, especially during the second week of the month but most of what is going to happen to you is going to echo past events.

This is a great time to remember important lessons and recapture the knowledge within them. You may turn slightly nostalgic and lose focus, especially around the 20th of the month when you will be slightly more emotional.

Also, you may find that you are reluctant to work with others but it is exactly from small collaborations that great results are going to come out. Natives who are working with people they don’t know very well will be surprised by what they can learn about them and how they can connect the dots with their lives.

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