Leo October 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Sociable, gracious and understanding will be the three terms to characterize your behaviour and how others will perceive you this October and you most definitely should be proud about this. But you need to also be warned that this is going to be hard work and will involve some impulses that need tempering.

The stars appear to favour you and it seems that, contrary to other occasions, the easier you have it, the nicer you will behave towards everyone you come in contact with.

It may also be that because Mars is in your house of partnerships, you are toning things down a bit and are accepting that you need to work in collaboration and that others’ choices can have a great impact on your life.

Professional life may be the only weak link this month for you and this is where you are most likely to snap, perhaps because there will be some days with high levels of stress.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury square Mars aspect may put some challenges in your way this month but all with the purpose for you to learn some important lessons. Don’t allow yourself to be frustrated by misunderstandings.

Some changes to be experienced

The first week of October will put you face to face with people who have opposing opinions and it seems that you will be quite interested in hearing what they have to say. You will take on board any lessons to be learned and will even build up further.

There is no time for egos and this attitude of yours will most likely bring you the respect of those close and people will feel a greater attraction to you so don’t be surprised that your social life will seem very busy.

The New Moon in Libra that debuts on the 9th will give you an influx of energy that you should use to get your health sorted, perhaps you need to see a specialist or finally give up on that one bad habit you know is not healthy for you.

As we move towards the middle of the month, it seems that your help may be needed at home and you will be very keen to show to someone older in the family that you can handle anything that is being thrown at you.

Perhaps you could be judged that your intentions are not completely altruistic but surely, the end result will matter the most.

Some natives may be preparing for a locative change or similar, with Mercury’s movement announcing some lifestyle changes that will have a great impact on your life. Perhaps you are thinking about redecorating too.

During the second half of the month and as we are approaching the Full Moon on the 24th, please make peace with yourself and perhaps with someone you may have angered in the past. Whilst some form of compromise to restore the peace would be great, even just some nice words out there will be good.

Making peace with others will somewhat help you make peace with some past decisions that still appear to be hunting you.

Special: Your love life this October

You must accept that there will be some boredom moments this October and it will feel like you are not going anywhere. But rest assured that the exciting times, although significantly fewer than the mundane ones, they are going to be all worth it.

There may be some tensions occurring at the start of the month, especially with the retrograde movement of Venus which debuts on the 5th.

Until the middle of the month you are not going to actually have the best reactions and this will be obvious to both people who know you well and people who don’t know you that well.

You are going to be more stubborn than usual and you are not going to let your significant other have the last word, even though, deep inside you might know they are right.

There is both a New and a Full Moon in October, one at the start of the month, on the 9th and the other towards the end, on the 24th.

Activity around these phases will mean some changes in your couple dynamic, especially around the responsibilities you and your partner take and you may find that you are more serious than usual, especially at the end of the month.

This is a favourable time for families to grow bigger, whether through births or new alliances. The star movement during the second half of October will influence towards good decisions, but this only in the case of those who have pondered a lot on their choices.

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