Leo October 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Dear Leo, in October you relax a little, you are less competitive and easier to understand.

So far, you have been the most ambitious in your career, but in order to keep working in harmony with your colleagues it will take some effort on your part.

In the meantime, those opportunities that you have encountered over the last year regarding a change of location or getting to the new ways of communicating, even learning new skills, are crammed in front of your nose again!

There are new beginnings in line for you, but you just have to be patient.

A more hectic time could be during the middle of the month when you feel the need to make plans over plans and look for the resources needed to make them come true.

Around the same middle of the month, you begin to focus on your personal life, and the family situation becomes the main point of your attention. Lions alone can think of a romantic relationship in the last week of this period.

The last days of the month bring some worries about your career and about the personal image.

October highlights

At the start of the month you must pay attention to the decisions you make because they may affect you in the future.

Put more effort now in your plans and try not to rely on just one person for your information.

Family life can have ups and downs during the second week and you must be ready to confront anything that doesn’t seem right. Try to understand what the problems are to solve them in time.

Around the 18th, your socializing and communication skills will be enhanced overall and you will find that your social profile is quite popular.

Be careful, towards the 25th, how you cope with the concomitant demands of career and family life. In the course of or around the 27th some domestic aspects have to be put in order or else they will cause you major headache the following month.

Leo love horoscope for October 2019

According to the horoscope, it is time for Leo to pay attention to relationships again. Enjoy an uninterrupted evening, or even the whole weekend, with your partner.

You will remember for a long time the intimate moments you spend together in October and, furthermore, you will deepen your relationship. Those without a partner can go out to enjoy the bachelor life.

In the case of some single natives, the attitudes and needs in love also change dramatically. The lion in love has always wanted, for many years, emotion and change.

The life of the natives in terms of love was like an opera concert, with new episodes weekly. In fact, you liked it.

Now, with the debut of October, we can begin to see more stability. Definitely, love becomes more and more spiritual.

First of all, look for a more spiritual connection with your boyfriend / girlfriend. Second, you see romance as part of your spiritual path.

This month, the stars are prompting you toward a way in which you and your partner can transform yourselves, to reinvent yourselves in the people you would like to be. You attract lovers or partners who have the same interests.


Career and finances progress this month

The career of the Lions is blossoming, as is the financial situation. The house of money is accentuated by friendly planetary aspects, especially in the first half of the month. As a result, the Lions are concerned about getting better and winning more.

Mars activity foresees opportunities for development and growth, discovering new and profitable prospects in financial terms.

You are inspired and confident in your own strengths, and this can take you far if you are not influenced by pride, which pushes you to overspend on your image.

After the 24th, it is expected for a professional situation to be unlocked, or a negotiation, anyways, you have the chance to progress in a hiring process.

You feel that prospects of evolution and development are opening. You recover delays, and your courage and professional competence could even help you take it before the competition or before your colleagues, to be noticed by the hierarchical superiors.

Conflicts are not lacking in the workplace, especially in the second half of the month, so act with patience and diplomacy, in order not to aggravate the situation.

Also, in the second half of the month you would do well to take part in training courses, workshops and practical demonstrations, to form a stronger financial culture.

Health and wellbeing

You make efforts to make your work more efficient, because you have a lot at home and at work. But this could also come at a price for your health so be careful.

Make sure you spend enough time relaxing, sleep well and perhaps hit the gym more regularly than you have been so far.

If you are experiencing stress-related digestive problems, make small changes in your diet: more vegetables and less meat, more fruits and fewer sweets.

You are also tempted to do various shopping for your home, for your family, to upgrade your wardrobe. Don't give up on what is right for you!

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