Leo September 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-08-26, 3417 views

Even the little things you do this September will count more than you can imagine so if I were you, I would calculate all my steps, no matter how inoffensive some might seem. Of course we don’t need to exaggerate either because life cannot be censored and calculated every moment.

I think you understood that what we are looking for here is that balance of things that come intuitively to you and of things you need to adapt to suit yourself and those around.

It is a month of attention from others, shining light on your abilities but it is also a month of weaknesses, pleasure and lack of restraint in the face of temptation.

About money

We are talking about money the first few days of the month but this doesn’t mean this disposition is here to stay. So keep your eyes on the prize and your money in your pockets. Not necessarily a good time for spending it or for risking it, no manner how big the stake is.

Don’t feel blocked either because with a little imagination, these days, without throwing money out there, can prove to be a lot more entertaining and full than other days when you have had to pay for everything.

A good occasion to discover pleasure in the small things and do spend time with people close. Don’t even think about borrowing money from them as a way to bypass the above warning because you might be in for some rather difficult interest rates, emotionally speaking, especially.

How impressive

Around the 10th, you are tempted to do all kinds of things, most of them that are completely out of character for you, to impress someone you consider special. This doesn’t have to take you in a dark direction though.

It may be that it actually helps you better yourself. Too bad that you will most likely do this just temporary, although you would have the behavioral and personality resources to be like this most of the time. Venus is fueling this and adding even more desire to the mix.

It does teach you a lesson about the strength you have deep inside and about how persuasive you can be, although most natives have already discovered the latter.

Some differences of mentality will be highlighted around the middle of the month, thanks to Mercury, something that might give you a hard time at work.

Work matters

And since I brought work in, you may be chasing some kind of dream project and it will take you a while to figure that you may have some unrealistic expectations.

Again, if someone dares to not agree with you, an avalanche of criticism and berating will come upon them, originating from you, of course.

This surely doesn’t attract too much sympathy so don’t fool yourself into believing that this direct thing is too attractive. Add to the mix a bit of haste in making decisions and you are all set.

You may also be tested against your own beliefs and this may be a game you are set to lose at from the start. You are not very consistent with your own choices and might change as the wind blows. Try to keep this for you and not let others see this weakness you are so manifesting this month.

Preparing for the long term

News may come in writing during the last week of the month so don’t expect talking to give too much result. You may also want to have things in writing just to feel safe, particularly at work and when having to make plans or coordinate others.

This might be a good moment for financial decisions, especially those that concern the wellbeing of yourself and of your family. A time for investment and for looking at the long term.

A bit of exterior motivation will set you in movement but again, coupled with the financial aspects above, it will make you prefer the long and arduous but safe road.

You are not particularly resistant to change but this doesn’t mean that you are embracing it either. You have all the reasons to be circumspect and this time you seem to be putting the right questions forward.

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