Leo September 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-08-27, 3509 views

Don’t be surprised if you are told that some small decisions you are due to take this September are going to influence your path during the next twelve months more than you can imagine.

It’s all in the small details and there may be lots of moments in which you may feel a strange energy in some events that are otherwise mundane or that you’ve experienced numerous times before.

There is no need to fall in the other extreme either and imagine that all has a deeper meaning or to obsess about small choices. It will be what it will be and some things are already decided, especially on a spiritual level.

What you can do however, is to try and be aware of what you do and don’t make any decisions you are completely unhappy with. Try to stay away from compromise of any kind, no matter how harmless it may seem.

Eyes on the prize

And continuing on the same note from the above, it is essential this September not to attract frustration. There may be interactions with people that are going to rise your nerves but just as easily, you can calm down by reminding yourself of the goal of that interaction.

Keep your eyes on the prize and there will be smooth sailing. Speaking about sailing, some natives may end up going on a marine adventure of some kind, perhaps a cruise.

This is surely not a bad way of spending some free days, however, don’t plan too much or dream with your eyes open.

When o holiday, enjoy your time, but when at work, make sure you don’t lose track of what is important or else someone will pick up on these mistakes of yours.

Money, money, money

Money surely doesn’t buy you happiness but it will make a good trigger of it for you this September. You are chasing sources of wealth and it seems that most ideas that you have these days will revolve around some sort of financial return.

A friend who may be in sync with your expectations might join in, however, don’t expect for this to transform into a partnership, because, as you might later on find out, there are some incompatibilities between you two.

Some natives will also break an emotional tie they have going on with their families, perhaps because they are finally financially independent. I guess you can see that the main motive will be money, both to release and to pressure natives.

Being argumentative

During the second half of the month, feelings of jealousy and general irritation are going to circle you, perhaps triggered by some recent and important accomplishments of people from work, e.g. promotions or of close friends.

You will act up even in the company of your loved one so don’t be surprised if there is occasion for quarrel. Try not to come up with things from the past because you are not going to win at this kind of arguments and the only thing you are going to succeed at, is make a fool of yourself.

Around the 20th, reserve some time for day dreaming because this will both help you relax and think better of yourself. You might also do it with your partner, as a way of getting closer together.

Practicality and caution

After the 25th, you will benefit from any activities that involve calculations of any kinds and as you might find out, anything practical around the house.

It may be that you finally get some time to fix that particular thing you’ve been postponing for so long. Don’t expect congratulations though, for doing something you were anyways supposed to do.

Be cautious with how you spend your money and try to keep in your budget because, especially with changes around the house, you will be quick to think of new purchases and to try to indulge a bit.

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