Leo September 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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It’s become almost a running joke how you Leo wish to be at the forefront of everything and need to have everyone pay attention to you but it seems that this September will prove that things can be the other way around.

Not that you would like to hide but surely you will value time spent on your own. You are trying to make use of any peaceful moments to gather your thoughts and will continue to do so, hopefully, without many people actually interfering.

On the other hand, solitude might also give you this sense of anxiety, perhaps because you need the constant reassurance of having others around. You may not be the most punctual person this September and this might cause some isolated problems too but you are certain you can move away from this so won’t really mind the whole thing.

During the second half of the month you might want to be careful to the needs of your family and close ones because there will be some occasions when you will be needed but people will not really spell things out for you.

You might also end up surprising everyone with your expertise in a domain you have just been researching recently.

Some natives should also think about putting some money aside because some important purchases might actually be announcing themselves in the near future.


Astrological aspect of the month: With Venus opposing Uranus around the 9th, you might feel more in charge of your romantic life and more free to discuss about the things that are bothering you and that you may have kept hidden in the past.

A lot of focus is required

It appears that most of the first half of September will be under the influence of the mystical trine between Saturn and Uranus, an aspect that marks a period of transition in your life, that could refer to almost anything and whose result could vary in intensity.

In your case, the likelihood is that the focus will be on a change that is of practical nature, perhaps you are relocating or similar.


Enhance! You are going to spend quite a few days planning and then some others trying to execute your plan and overall, you are going to be pretty pleased with your achievement.

This is a great time for experimentation and creative expression, just as much as it is when the Sun will trine Pluto around the 9th.

The main difference will be reflected in the fact that during the second week you are going to be a lot more driven towards success and will definitely not be willing to accept the advice of those around.

Some forces in your life may end up in opposition, for example your family with your circle of friends, and you might feel as if you are being caught exactly in the middle.

Hard mental work may also occur with the Mercury square Saturn aspect debuting on the 22nd but by that time, you will have been so used to complications that you are not going to even flinch. This is a good time to take on board some new responsibilities from work, but only if you are certain of their link to some sort of rapid advancement.


Watch out! Beware of making promises that you know will get you in trouble or worse, that you won’t be able to accomplish and try not to take major decisions on the spot.

Special: Your love life this September

This September it is really important for you not to feel guilty when giving yourself time to enjoy love, regardless of the other priorities in your life. Mars squaring Venus might spell some sort of confrontation so be careful what you say or what you promise to your partner.

On the other hand, feel free to challenge any assumptions that are happening between you two and with which you don’t feel very comfortable.

For the single natives, it is going to be the trickiest to mix their dating life and all the drama associated with it, into their busy life.

You may also find that the more relaxed you are, the less worrisome you will be about the outcome of your relationship and will actually end up having a better time, literally getting to enjoy the present.

The second half of September carries the greatest risk of conflict in your love life, if you are not careful enough to clarify what it is that is being said. The risk of misunderstandings escalating in importance will keep everyone stuck in a state of tension that really is not necessary.

You must say goodbye to your controlling tendencies this month because whilst you may be allowed a lot of things and even some acting up your jealousy, any attempts at control are going to spell the end.


TOP TIP of the month: Be happy with what you are getting and make room for more experiences, no matter how busy you might be with other aspects of your life.

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