Leo September 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Dear Leo, are you prepared? Because this September will not be an easy month for you, though you will see your path more clearly. Although you will have a very active social life, the current responsibilities will probably be heavier.

During the second week of them month you will experience a feeling of frustration, both from the circumstances and from the people around you. You will have a hard time achieving what you want.

Then, in the third week, it is very likely that you will adapt to the new circumstances, although the heavy work you are doing now could certainly be your long-term advantage.

It's a sensational month for those natives who are very strong emotionally and who can maintain their focus and chase their goals for lengthy periods of time.

There will be many unique events on all levels, but these are hidden and need to be uncovered. You also might manage to solve some important health problems.

September highlights

In September, the position of the stars will change once again, and therefore the Lion is ahead of a positive period again.

During the first half of September you can expect for your financial situation to improve and for luck to be on your side. Take care however, because, up until the 10th, you could make some significant but unnecessary expenses.

Don't forget to thank properly those who have given you a helping hand and return the favor as soon as possible.

If you do not have a job, this month you can find something suitable. If you have to take exams or tests you will have to learn seriously to get the desired results.

If you are single, this month it is possible to meet someone. You may feel close to your partner during this period if you are in a relationship.

After the 17th, your communication skills will be enhanced, only when you have to convene negotiations and meetings.

If you live with more people, some misunderstandings are possible. You can plan a family trip this month.

During or around the 23rd, some tendencies of possessiveness and jealousy in the couple can be felt.

During the last week of September make sure you take some time to rest and relax. It’s a good occasion to give back so perhaps you can make some time for volunteering.

Leo love horoscope for September 2019

You have expectations that are too high perhaps in love, and these can be painful (often only for your own pride) during this month.

You are so worried about yourself, about how you are perceived by others and about how to satisfy your desires and pleasures, that you tend to ask for too much to your loved ones, from your life partner or from the person you just started a relationship with.

Single natives who blindly throw themselves into sentimental adventures meant to strengthen their self-confidence may fall prey to deception, vain promises or lies.

If something seems too good to be true, then it probably isn’t and you need to quickly reassess how much of your life you are risking on it.

It may seem interesting at first, it fascinates you to learn new things, but it is good to be patient to see how things will develop in the long run.

After the 20th, if your mind flies to a former love, do not delude yourself before exploring, more jokingly, more seriously, the real possibilities of reconnection.

Singletons may also meet people who are particularly exciting, seductive, but who think very differently, who have a different philosophy of life.

And this will scare them a little and perhaps alienate them from someone who could have been an amazing match, a real companion.

Married lions have a more harmonious, quieter time, especially if the previous month has been rather agitated. This month is a constructive one, not only for mental connections but also for sorting out any domestic issues.

Career and finances progress this month

If you want to work your way into a new professional activity you want to perform, then this is the right time.

Focus more on new activities, especially ones that are linked with the technology field. You are like a little sponge, ready to capture as much information as possible.

You will realize that you need good people in your life, to educate you, to explain how you can achieve what you want to achieve, but it is a month with a lot of progress and a lot of results.

This is also a period with a lot of productive meetings so you will not sit there, just bored to death.

You are also very open to doing new studies and improving your skills. Why not, maybe you will even start studying a foreign language, just to have a better chance of making money in the upcoming months.

If there is an occasion to travel for work, be sure that you will be quite successful at it, especially if that takes place after the 20th.

Health and wellbeing

It is worth mentioning that your health will be better, you will get the chance to sort out any problems you may have encountered this summer with your legs or immune system.

Self-taught discipline and focus will help you keep your health in good shape and should also give you enough time to research even new ways to improve your lifestyle.

During the second half of September your mood may vary wildly, perhaps you will feel that you are not getting the support you feel you deserve from those around.

All may be caused by stress that can come from the workplace, especially if you have been on your own since the beginning of the month and have not taken into account all the elements that were needed to carry out an activity to high standards.

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