Leo September 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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You’re at the center of attention, dear Leo, and as always, you love it. Besides, you seem to have a lot of success too. All your relationships are fluid, not to mention people come to you for help because they know you’re up to offering it.

In spite of having a very big ego, you’re also very generous. If in love, you’re trying to make your partner’s dreams come true without expecting anything in return. You will be very pleased with what’s happening in your life during September.

Mid-month, you will return to your true values and your feelings are going to be in their right place. Whomever comes your way will hear about how happy and joyful you’re feeling, as you love to express yourself openly.

Allow others to see how charming you are. The advice is to calmly take other’s opinions into consideration. Even if some of your relationships aren’t meant to last, they surely are rewarding and enjoyable. Just live your life.

September 2021 Highlights

Leo’s state of mind is going to be ruled by certain rather intense emotions. These natives will experience situations in which they need to just reset themselves and not allow their emotions to become problems.

If they decide to just open up and share their feelings, then they’re going to feel relieved, not to mention others will jump in to offer them comfort and support whenever they’re being too pessimistic.

The start won’t make life very easy for the people born in Leo during September. Money won’t come easily, so you may need to make some cutes in your budget.

At least you’re going to receive many opportunities for professional advantages, yet only if you’re paying attention and don’t believe everything that shines can be gold. Make sure you don’t mistake changes happening with something beneficial when they may not be at all to your advantage.

Leo Love Horoscope for September

The stellium or accumulation of planets that will be active in the 3rd House of Cancer right until September 13th, and that consists of Mars, Mercury, Venus, the Sun and the asteroid Juno, is going to promote short distance travels, especially the ones for learning purposes.

Furthermore, the same planetary configuration is going to make your relationships with siblings and members of your community lighter. Since this phenomenon is going to take place under Virgo’s influence, you need to avoid criticizing other people.

At the same time, remain positive no matter what. The exchange of ideas is very important now too. On September 14th, Venus and Mercury are going to enter the 4th House of Cancer. The Sun will arrive here on September 23rd, whereas the New Moon in the sign of Libra is going to do the same on September 28th.

Venus, the Sun and Mercury passing over the 4th House of Cancer, also the New Moon, is going to facilitate moving out to nearby locations, repairs to the home, decorations and even buying a property.

It should be noted that this planetary alignment is also going to favor a reconnection with family roots, the healing of wounds from the past, and studying your own comfort zone within its limits.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Leos won’t have just about everything going the way they want it to go, so they need to learn how to cope with any situation. They will encounter some difficulties in business and at work, so they’ll have to be cold blooded and to have a lot of patience.

Due to money problems, they will feel agitated, this emotional state being what influences every other aspect of their life. However, starting with September 17th, work and financial matters are going to be more easily resolved, so they will be able to feel like they can breathe and smile.

When it comes to money, Leos always know how to organize things and to spend. September will be the month in which they will start saving for something they have in mind to make it happen when the year ends.

Your Wellbeing This Month

It’s only expected for professional and money problems to make Leos more anxious, which will obviously affect their health in a negative manner, seeing they’d most of the time be upset, nervous and moody.

As a result, they may experience digestive system problems, so they will complain about acid reflux, feeling heavy in the stomach and not being able to properly digest food. If you want to overcome all these problems, you need to drink plenty of tea, such as mint or chamomile.

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