Leo September 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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You will have new eyes when approaching the return of this month, being relaxed after the holidays and after being pushed around. If at the month’s beginning you have pretended to be ineffective, it was because you were thinking of it. Nothing will be affecting you, as you won’t let things creep on you.

You will be strong, and it will show. While the mood of a winner is scaring some people, you will be back and in your A form.

This is a month in which you need to remain positive and not allow any melancholic idea to invade you. You will decide to move onwards, to make some plans and head to all sort of meetings. From a social point of view, you will get everything you want from all the worlds. Your family life will be your strength and column.

September 2022 Highlights

Being a happy period, the month is also going to be happy. Many trends that have been explained during the past month will still be in effect. Most planets will be placed below the chart’s horizon, whereas others will reside in the Eastern sector.

When it comes to being personally fulfilled, your emotional harmony and independence, these are the aspects that have to be cultivated for the month. 70-80% of planets are going to be in direct motion, to ensure you’re rapidly progressing towards achieving your goals.

Financial issues will be tougher than they were during the past month. Income will arrive, yet you will need to work harder and make more efforts. You might have some fights in the family when it comes to money and the way it is spent, so you might be required to make financial decisions of conflictual nature.

Perhaps your intense financial focus is going to make your closed ones think you’re only burning their back. Mercury, your money planet, is going to start its retrograde. With this amazing trine for the entire month, you will have to repeat the beforehand warnings.

These are about not taking promises and commitments seriously, especially after the 14th. Confirmation is required. Make important investments and purchases before this date. After, plan your strategies, analying your investments and possible purchases.

Have patience as far as delaying projects and incomes goes. These delays need to be taken advantage of, just like you need delaying your plans needs to be taken advantage of as well. The Sun and the planet Mars being present in your Money House will indicate you need to speculate.

As a Leo, you are a speculator by nature, and all this without the help of the planets. In other words, you need to calculate risks better, all while protecting investments. Stop gambling and make use of some guidance when money is involved.

Finances will be very important for you during this month, but this doesn’t mean you don’t need to put some time aside for exercising. Your health will be good, so make sure to maintain it. Your 3rd House of intellectual interests and communication is going to become incredibly powerful after the 23rd.

If this is combined with the element of Air’s power, the element in which 50-60% of the planets are going to be, you will notice that there is a chatter feast in which you are drowning, so expect your phone bill to increase. In case you happen to be a student, then you’re going to do extraordinary with studies. Merchants, writers, or teachers will also have the most fabulous month.

Your intellect will be at maximum, so expect for learning to go perfectly. There will be many domestic trips happening as well. Venus, which is the planet of beauty and love, is going to enter Leo’s 4th House, and this on the 8th of September.

You should take advantage of the period to redecorate your home and make it more beautiful. You should also organize parties and gatherings at home.

There will be advantageous communication that will improve your relationships with your family. Love will be happier starting with September 23rd, but you shouldn’t rush, nor force anything. There will also be uncommitted love affairs abounding.

Leo Love Horoscope for September

Everything is going to be just fine with your loves. You will juggle the emotional life with the work one. Heading to the 14th of the month, there will be exchanges between loyal and good services, so you won’t know where you should be turning.

However, there’s a note of caution here, as you might have your susceptibility threatened and offended by a relative. It will look as if you have taken your time to live in a relationship. Your partner will appreciate the moments spent together, and nothing is going to interfere with your plans.

There will be a good atmosphere for your relationships, as you will have an increased note of agreement. You will be just good for a relationship, no anticipation needed. It will seem as if someone has conquered your heart, so you will be determined and ready to take on any barrier. By doing so, you won’t be single for too long.

Around the 9th, a person from the past might come back, but you mustn’t let your defences down. During the month’s first part, most Leos won’t participate at this love parade. More of them will want to pay attention only to themselves, either by looking better in appearance, either by cultivating their personal abilities and qualities.

Some will want to isolate themselves from others. After the 15th, they’re going to abandon this emotional exile and once again, go out to conquer some hearts. There will be delicious swings, so they will go from being sensual to being passionate. Everything will work in their favour, and they will go with their partner on new pleasure paths.

Career and Finances Horoscope   

Not fond of chaos, Leos are going to appreciate the work that’s tidy and neat. They’re going to remain committed and very serious. Every negotiation that they will carry is going to promise them that they’re going to make a lot of money, yet this income won’t be immediately materialized.

Either way, their economic success is going to be by their side, no matter what initiative they might be taking. They need to come up with some projects, starting them through the certainty that sooner or later, the desired results are going to come for them.

During the month’s last week, their efforts are going to pay off. The period will be unstable, as there will be some controversies with their superiors and peers, as a result of competition, jealousy, and conflicts in the relationship.

In spite of this, the Leos will receive help from the people who care about them, those who are helping them reach the results they desire. Therefore, those working in a relationship of dependency are going to be given the joy of their abilities being recognized, as well as many material improvements.

The more responsible they are, the more those Leos who are self-employed will remain successful. The celestial support will be in the favour of their success with what they have started and the way they have acquired their power.

For the month of September, there will be another astrological aspect that’s relevant. That is Mars’ retrograde. This will be an alignment generating anger and frustration as a result of travel, academic procedures, negotiations with institutions of religion, publications, and international documents inconveniences.

Remember that this obstacle is only temporary, as well as that you can profit from refining details. Look for permissions that are missing, be cordial with officials, have patience, and look for different alternatives when it comes to outlining any situation.

It should be noted than on the 29th, the square between the planet Mars in retrograde in the 9th House and the planet Saturn in Leo’s 6th House, is going to point out to cancelling projects and plans on the last minute. It also announces transfers and trips on the run. Don’t allow any negative feeling to carry you away. Be mature and responsible when analyzing events.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Mars retrograde is going to have you missing energy. This will be a physical decline that can alarm you, yet not with a real reason. The natives will have to be less dizzy when it comes to the pace of their life, as well as to remember to eat foods rich in iron.

Lentils, red meat, and some legumes are these types of foods. In case they can’t see that they need to change their life rhythm, then they need to not force their body and to sleep as much as they need to sleep in order to restore their organism.

September is going to give them the opportunity to discover themselves and grow from inside out. They will have joys that will prevent their organism from becoming sick. Their protection from heaven is going to be preserved by taking long walks in the morning and visiting forests.

This will oxygenate their brain and ensure their circulatory system is in good order. It must be mentioned that Leos do have a problem with their circulatory system. The natives should systematically work their body and take part in all sorts of sports competitions. This will help them remain in a good mood and healthy.

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