Leo Weekly Horoscope September 1 to September 7 2014

By Denise on 2014-08-25, 461 views

Let’s see what the prospects are for Leo natives starting with the week September 1 to September 7 2014. The following article will present the Leo weekly horoscope with a Leo forecast including the planetary aspects of the week, how they can affect Leo natives and which are the things to do or not during this week’s time.

The following week is going to be a worrisome one for Leos as their general health might give them some troubles, head aches, tummy aches and so on. This might scare them off a little and make them seek for the attention of their loved ones by the weekend. Who knows, maybe it’s for the best for them to seek shelter and support to their partners.

Leo week September 1- September 7 2014

This week the Sun is still in Virgo, going for the second decan of this zodiac sign. This means that we are all generally influenced to be more orderly and analytical about what is going on. For Leo people this translates to a softer and more responsible period in which they even feel the need to be supportive of other people.

The Moon visits Scorpio to Aquarius and has so very different meanings for each zodiac signs as we briefly discussed in the first part of the article. There are two important moves to acknowledge this week: Mercury, moving from Virgo to Libra and Venus moving from Leo to Virgo. Mars stays cozy in Scorpio whilst Jupiter relies on Leo for shelter.

Mercury in Virgo might make it hard to express feelings and even practical advice. Even those who usually understand each other might find it difficult to come to an agreement. Great time to be protective to your peers. Mercury in Libra on the other hand points out to the exact faults and doesn’t let anyone hide around the finger. Staying away from uncomfortable truths will be difficult now.

When Venus is in Leo, love is boastfully expressed, passions are everything and lust leads our tendencies. Sometimes this is a risky game but often it clears out path to love and we get to have a great time. Until Venus moves to Virgo and we become a lot more responsible and aware of our needs and our desires for stability and loyalty.

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