Leo December 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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In the last month of this year, Leo can enjoy comfort and relaxation on long winter nights. You will also remember your old friends and restore their relationships with them.

At the end of the day, you are a natural and curious type. You can dedicate the month of December to personal development and physical improvement.

There is a lot of animation at home, in relationships with family members and with the nations. You have to do large housework, but it is worth the effort, as you can easily do the cleaning, repairs, interior repairs. Check the water sources in the living space, as some damage is possible, perhaps due to the weather.

Relationships with family members are distant, conflicting, and you wonder why. Caution, patience and tolerance towards others!

Very well supported is the segment of fun and love relationships. Avoid excesses and control your manifestations! Some may misinterpret your gestures and hence other animosities may arise.

Professionally, there is a lot of work to be done. It is good to focus on everything that works and its implications, as new colors of progress open up. Get ready properly for the holidays to have the best fun but reserve moments for rest too.

December highlights

The first week of December will be a very efficient one, with you being more productive than usual. But beware of excesses and of doing things just for the sake of others.

The middle of the month will be a very loving one, as you seem to finally speak more easily in the language of your life partner and children and you all seem to operate like a big family.

During or around the 20th, there are notable successes in the professional plane and you are on the same wavelength as your colleagues and collaborators. During or around the 24th, tensions may occur with the loved one on domestic or domestic issues but all will be sorted, in time for a happy Christmas day.

During or around the 29th, you might earn rewards if you work the day before or even in the first part of the last day of the year. This is why you are meeting 2020 with a stable budget, which gives you the security you need to look optimistically at the New Year's trials and opportunities.

Leo love horoscope for December 2019

The Sun, the governor of your sign, is transiting your fifth house, that of love and entertainment throughout most of December, thus stirring your romantic impulses and the need to receive affection, whether you are in a relationship or not.

Be careful during the first week of the month, because there is an increased risk to enter into situations that are rather compromising, perhaps even be temped into adultery. Careful not to harm yourself, emotionally, physically or even financially as a result of your actions.

Beyond these types of situations that can be easily avoided, the Lions manage to seduce and impress anyone with their big and generous heart.

If you are married, you enjoy special moments of closeness or rekindling the passion in the relationship with your partner, if there were problems.

You also benefit, this month, from Venus’ transit in your seventh house, which starts on the 20th, and debuts a great period for long-term plans, even for planning a marriage, if your relationship is not yet official.

Venus and Uranus support each other, coexisting in harmony, which suggests that single Lions have the chance to meet and fall in love with people they come in contact with, through their profession.

Career and finance progress this month

In the professional and financial spheres, surprises are unlikely this December. You will achieve some planned goals, which will give you enough satisfaction.

Even if you think you have too much to do in a short amount of time, you'll be able to do them all. And, looking back, you have to admit that it wasn't that hard either.

At the same time, a new project is being outlined this month. It'll be something quite different from what you do now. Or it may even be a new job. Do not rush to make decisions under the impulse of the moment emotions.

For some natives it must be said that this is a dangerous period from the point of view of money. It is known that their greatest pleasure is to make gifts. And as it is time for the gifts, there will be a lot of money in this direction. Get ready for an austere January.

Health and wellbeing

The health of this month will be at an average level. Although you will have good health, occasionally you can to meet some health problems.

An organized diet and a constant exercise regime will improve your overall condition. However, do not physically exhaust yourself too much.

The second half of December 2019 will bring you a little stress and a little fatigue. Pay attention to the complications and stay vigilant and calm.

You need to relax, and your physical and mental state requires regular rest in order to keep yourself in good shape for the next year to come.

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