Libra April 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-03-28, 2956 views

A haunting month in which you will be able to give a lot of your time and compassion to others but in which you won’t really be able to find your own space or comfort. Your family is going to be the one constant in a sea of changes and you will crave as much attention from them as possible.

Mars is going to meddle most with your relationships, be it at work or at home but the most influential it is going to be with your friends and how you interpret them.

And even if nothing really changes you will still feel unsatisfied with particular activities or simply as if something is not right.

Reawakening some differences

During the first ten days you will probably notice some spikes of activity, not necessarily coordinated with what you have to do at work but surely interconnecting all your responsibilities. In some of those occasions you will be top game while in others you won’t be able to focus at all.

The only word of advice for you is to beware contradictory signals and to at least appear sure on your plans, even though on the inside you don’t really know what you are doing.

There isn’t anything worse than sending the wrong vibes, especially in a situation that is already very sensible, perhaps with some coworkers who are not really trusting your decisions anyway.

Around the 17th your patience will probably reach a dead end and seeing Mars retrogrades exactly then, don’t expect any compassion in return for everything you’ve done during the first half of the month, but on the contrary, everyone will be fiercely following their own interests.

Love and troubles

And as if this wasn’t bad enough, a lot of nostalgia will erupt as some old troubles are surfacing and you are starting to remember things you did in the past.

You might want to get to grips with them but this time won’t give you the occasion but on the contrary, will deepen the fracture you are feeling when thinking about those situations.

Venus and the Sun are putting a bit of pressure on you in terms of being supportive with your partner but your ideas don’t really get past the initial plan, either because you are not very interested to make them come true or because you are too tired or busy.

The good news is that you are very organized and are in full capacity to coordinate important projects at work, projects for which you might be congratulated at a later date.

On the same work agenda some important meetings are going to leave an important mark on yourself and you’ll probably get a chance to learn a thing or two. 

A bit of spotlight

Speaking in public, although usually avoided by you, will come as a nice distraction and will allow you to brush up on your skills. In the last instance, the more you practice, the easier it becomes and why not take advantage of the nice crowd it seems you might have on this occasion.

Some memorable days in the last weekend of the month, perhaps going to a city break or something similar or visiting relatives in another town.

This will probably change your mind set, even if just temporary. Some news on their side might send you in over drive with enthusiasm but this doesn’t mean you should make any changes in your life as well. You can take good examples for them but be cautious in general.

Watch yourself

Around the end of the month even the picture perfect family might crumble a bit, perhaps your partner wants to pursue a private endeavor and you feel left aside or maybe you are not really on the same page with your children and this is deeply saddening for you.

In terms of health, maybe you shouldn’t be so cautious with medicines for once and at least try some vitamins, anything that can keep you on top of things.

Even one hour a day to practice a hobby or have a cozy talk with someone close will make a difference, even if you take it from your usual sleep schedule.

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