Libra April 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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The challenges of April 2018 will surface from opportunities to better yourself that are rushed into rather than prepared for thoroughly. You are more than eager to put your past behind and start fresh, and with a New Moon readily available, this is only natural.

However, your idea of success may only harbor temporary happiness and requires a big change of attitude on your behalf, almost overnight.

This month, financial and business associations are benefited, even when you are uniting the forces with family members, something you are usually reluctant to do.

Unclear impulses and confusing feelings are going to be a matter of the past this month as you tend to be very honest both with yourself and those close. This is a great occasion to show your uniqueness and break free from any self-imposed, sentimental constraints.

Along financial gain, you may find your material comfort increasing, although this will be a rather bumpy journey as your expectations tend to change at a fast pace.

Especially during the second half of the month, you will take any chance that promises a break from the monotony of your days. You will tend to spend more time with your partner and with close friends but will still feel that this is not enough.


Enhance! Your monetary status is likely to improve this April, however, if you really want to make the best out of this, you need to be prepared to plan and think about your and the families’ future welfare. May want to look into investing in property or similar.

Starting all over

The very first days of the month are going to offer you some unusual creative opportunities but which will come at a great mental expense. With Mercury squaring Mars, this is not really the best of timings as you are prone to rushing head first and you don’t necessarily think as clearly as you wish to believe about yourself.

The fact that you are quick to jump to conclusions will definitely lead you to trouble during this period, especially in your domestic life. You may want to listen carefully and think twice before you speak, at least in the first week of April.

With the Sun conjunct Mercury, you are also very keen on clearing the clutter out of your life and will happily deal with any outstanding paperwork, bills to pay or arrangements to make.

The only word of caution is to avoid doing this in the aftermath of a fight with your partner because you won’t be able to think rationally.

After a period of stagnation, you will finally be able to activate your network and reap some benefits in your professional life. You are invigorating partnerships that you have sort of forgotten about and people will be happy to catch up with you.


TOP TIP of the month: You’re benefiting from an increase in self-confidence and self-worth and may be able to bring a new dimension to the relationships you have in your life. Don’t be afraid to take matters into your own hands when it comes to aspects of the future.

Don’t exaggerate it

This April, you don’t want to overdo anything, because any overreaction will sort of be multiplied and will get you to a place where you cannot keep your life principles intact. There is no need for you to react in anger if things don’t go according to plan.

Mistakes are prone to be made but this is not the end of the world. The more you dread something going wrong, the more you think about it so the more chances for it to happen.

This is an auspicious period for sustained study, especially for those willing to start something new later in life. Even those afraid of exams may find themselves excelling at them.

With the Sun squaring Pluto until the 13th, your need for control is increased and this may lead again to a risk of conflicts at home, or even outside of it, with anyone who may challenge you.

As Mars resides in the sign of Capricorn, hard work and effort will unfortunately be repaid by the results of stress on your body, such as differing health issues, surfacing from time to time. You can only escape these health vulnerabilities if you keep your mind at peace and don’t get more involved with work than you should.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Sun conjunct Uranus aspect between the 16th and the 20th will mark unexpected changes and a need to break free from constraints and even responsibilities. You will be less restless if you choose one thing to focus on at a time and avoid being rebellious against authority, just for the sake of it.

Action and reaction

The second half of the month will see you preoccupied with the effects of your actions when, you should be concerned with whatever caused them instead. You are trying to remain oblivious to some sources of stress in your life, expecting these to go away.

Take advantage of the influence of the New Moon on the 15th to find yourself. This is a great time to reset your mind through meditation and self-imposed isolation.

You will still be tempted to seek the company of others, to be generous and caring but should you go on this path, you may end up neglecting your own interests. It is important not to promise more than you can deliver.

Being squared by Saturn, you can be sure that you are receiving exactly what you deserve, better or worse. The love area may also be one with an explosive potential, one in which there will be no concept like patience for you.

You are not ashamed to ask for what you want and are also expecting to receive it. For single natives, proposals of all sorts may surface, perhaps even from someone who has meant a lot in their past.

Unfortunately, the Mercury square Saturn aspect debuting on the 22nd will surface some communication problems and will allow all of your negative thinking to materialize. Put a stop by keeping your worries and fears under scrutiny.


Watch out! With Mercury in an oppositional position throughout April, no wonder you are feeling trapped in a sea of misunderstandings. Stay away from lies and intrigues and proceed with caution in matters of the heart, especially.

Up for grabs

Towards the end of the month, your dedication at work will be recognized, although this doesn’t necessarily mean that this will also bring a promotion. It does mean that some obstacles that have been on your way for a while now, will magically disappear.

Some colleagues of yours will become, all of a sudden, very supportive. You are not going to let yourself tricked by this but rather, use it to your advantage.

Once Venus is comfortably installed in the sign of Taurus on the 24th, your mind will slowly gravitate towards preparing something romantic and you will be encouraged to take the reins of your love life.

This positive disposition will bring a little, much needed, courage to some natives who may have been struggling to express their feelings lately.

After the 25th, there may be talks of some travel, although it might not be for relaxation as it seems that your family is also involved in the matter.

Your ambitions are peaking during the very last days of April, with Mars conjunct Pluto pushing you to chase the previously unattainable. Anything that was prohibited before is now up for grabs, especially in terms of your career, so what else is stopping you now?

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