Libra April 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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The influence of Venus in April will make you more intense and sensitive. If someone has hurt your feelings now, you will remember this for a long time.

However, you must remember that you do not always have to think rationally. Bu if you still wish to get rid of any thoughts that you feel are keeping you down, then excessive emotions you do not want to be dealing with can be banished by sports, for example.

You are not at all interested in the feelings of your life partner, which could produce an irreparable distance between you two. Even if you're selfish in nature, now is the time to change if you do not want to figure out when it's too late.

Do not make plans for yourself anymore, especially this month, but always consult with your family when you have to make a decision that targets everyone.

Family life will be affected by your naivety, and, moreover, you will not succeed in impressing anyone even though that might be your intention!

There will be some days this April when you will throw money on the left and right and unfortunately there is no one else to tell you to stop.

April highlights

For a few months, you've been trying to clarify things about your personal development needs. If you did not feel a major breakthrough last month you have a great chance that will appear now!

With Mars shining on the top of your astral map, you'll attract the attention of those influential people you need, and you'll have enough persuasion to get where you're targeting.

Mars is the best help for the rapid improvement of the fame and honors sector, so from the first to the ninth of April certainly something will happen with some crucial results for you.

The next period beneficial is in the third week, after which there will be a break until the middle of May, when the stars will again be interested in how you work. As you can see, other chances will still be, but it's better to take advantage of what's happening right now!

The New Moon in Aries, your opposite sign, which occurs on the 5th, will be about a partnership - maybe a new love or a colleague of work that you will forge an unexpected friendship with.

You are recognized as a good "matchmaker", well, this time you will know how to choose the right person for you.

Another astral April event, the Full Moon in Scorpio on the 20th will connect you to a very important topic for you lately: money. It could be an increase in salary or an investment.

If you are married, this month you will be able to make some changes that you longed for in the house. It's an important thing for you, and this is likely to be about kids. It might be the decision to have a baby soon or a matter of making the children's room more comfortable if they already exist.

On the 22nd of April, prepare for an "electric" meeting. If you miss this date, between the 26th and 29th this seductive character will surely appear! You are most likely to experience this at work or in an environment related to it.

Libra love horoscope for April

Do not make too many hopes out of this April, because the risk of being disappointed in your love life is very pronounced. It would be advisable not to get fully involved in a relationship that has just begun, for your partner's feelings might be misleading.

In the second part of the month you will begin to look at things objectively and might feel like a fool, when reminiscing the things you have believed in, at the start of the month.

Some natives may be required some personal adjustments and might feel like they are pressured to spend more time at home and leave their work aside.

It would be more to your advantage if you dared and pushed things forward in order not to miss the right moment, but also spend the due quality time at home. You will also feel extra need of validation from your loved one and this doesn’t really come at the switch of a button.

During this time, you will tend to keep your true feelings hidden, but be aware, that if you don’t reciprocate, how would you expect to get the affection you need.

Career progress this month

Your house of career and work seems to remain well aspected by Mercury, and by Venus, up until the 20th of the month.

Some natives may find themselves interested in a job abroad, whilst others might tend to a hobby or could take to their studies to increase their chances of career progression.

The transits occurring in the first half of the month suggest that you could find foreign partners or that you could develop successful long-term projects abroad.

If you have business on your own, the New Moon in Aries, taking place on the 5th, opens up your ability to associate yourself. The list of favourites could be a friend or a group of friends.

Libras that want to start activities that involve counselling or public relations are at some advantage.

Financially do not worry; you are easily attracted by the support of your life partner, your family, or perhaps financing if you are developing your own business.

But you should try to avoid financial dependencies, try to get away from your parent's home (if you stay with your parents) and find your way of life and financial independence.

After the 24th of April, you might want to pe particularly careful about any practical plans you are making, because with Saturn and Pluto retrograde, you may face some unexpected difficulties or may find that your initial cost estimates are well exceeded.

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