Libra August 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-07-26, 4753 views

There is nothing that can stop you from demanding your rights this August and it seems that you are doing everything in your power to have things done as you wish them to be done.

Although you may not be very powerful in your current situation, it seems that your persistence and motivation are going to pay off. You are engaging people who can help and they will be on your side, when time comes.

This is a great month for all sorts of investments, but don’t think only about money, it may be that you take some time to do something for your self-development or take better care of your health by going to a check-up or starting a new healthy habit.

When to give up

The first few days are going to be very productive in the office but not the same can be said about you at home. You prefer to hide under feeling tired and everything you have been doing during the day.

Whilst at first, those in your family may be understanding about this, you should be warned that even this has an expiry date, especially if you don’t do what you have promised you would.

And it’s a shame also, because you are wasting some great practical skills, as it seems that the stars will bring creativity and handiness in your life during this period. You could at least help and support your partner in a matter they already know you have experience in.

After the storm … the sun

You might find it hard to keep positive around the 10th, as it seems some unexpected news is going to hit you. For some, this might feel as if the world has ended, but with a little patience and composure, they will be able to overcome their challenges.

Some days will appear to be so very long and there is quite a risk, during this time, to overlook your own needs, even the basic ones, like eating and showering.

Moving away from this difficult couple of days, when the sun finally shines back on your street, it will actually feel like it. This might over impose with a financial improvement in your life. Some natives will start thinking about an important purchase.

Temptation ahead

The idea of fidelity and of keeping close to your dearest will arise during the second half of the month, whether you are being tempted into an adventure or you are faced with someone else’s situation.

Although at first you might take things lightly, in the end, you will have some time to think all this through. This might mean that you will get quite distracted at work.

The conclusions you reach after this introspective period will be quite a surprising one even for yourself and might show you that you don’t know yourself as much as you thought. This is valid for natives of different ages, so you can imagine the implications.

In some cases, it may be that this dilemma comes on an already wobbly relationship status so things will turn out to be more complicated.

Everything’s acting up

Beware of communications you are sending out during the last week of August because chances are that some will turn against you quite easily. This is not to say that you should stop working, it seems that being wary won’t do you any good.

News from long distance may also come and you will have to discern as to how truthful and accurate they are, another thing that is quite difficult. But this is also a detective like challenge that you will probably enjoy.

You will also enjoy the times when you show your confidence and liaise with numerous people and then still end up having your own say. Unfortunately, not the same can be said about your relationship with friends, which will be quite tumultuous, especially if you keep postponing dates.

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