Libra August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Chasing comfort and personal satisfaction will be the main sport this August as the stars are predisposing you to some wonderful moments but it appears that these are not exactly at your fingertips. We are not talking about hard work or significant sacrifices to attain them, though.

You might want to be careful however, with what you promise to others because, whilst you may be more than willing to help, there may be external constraints, time included, that may keep you from doing it.

During the first half of the month your response to novelty will be a lot more emotional than usual and your reactions may be slightly confusing for those around. You will really feel the need to analyse and understand the consequences of an external action over your life.

There may also be some overwhelming desires this month that will see you traveling miles and miles and putting a real effort, perhaps to surprise and nurture a loved one. You may also feel this innate need to give opportunities to others and will try to connect people who can be of help for each other.

The only word of caution about this is that you might want, perhaps, to stay away from playing match-maker because love aspects are a lot more complicated to navigate and may generate bad karma ultimately, if the two coupled don’t get along.


Enhance! Matters of loyalty may also be under the spotlight, with you trying to explain to someone younger than you what life is all about and what really matters as you progress through life.

Keep on the righteous path

You might want to be careful to the nature of your intentions this beginning of August because you will be adversely taxed for any negative thoughts you may have, especially addressed to another person.

The Sun square Jupiter disposition debuting on the 6th is a rather ethical one that will promote self-confidence and a sense of achievement to those who believe in the power of good and clean karma. Steer clear from manipulations and from trying to get something from other people through cheating or any other means that are not entirely truthful.

This is an aspect that will not allow exaggeration and will easily transform success in loss if one is not grounded and moral. This is a good time to start saving as such responsible behaviours will be promoted.


Watch out! Your reputation may be at stake if you don’t do the right thing, no matter how well you may think you are hiding, the truth will always surface and this may call for big embarrassment if you haven’t been honest.

Aspects of communication and thinking decisions through will be benefited by the Sun conjunct Mercury aspect occurring on the 8th and you should expect quite a few interactions.

Some natives may be required to travel, something that may put a bit of a strain on their personal plan. Luckily, the partners will be understanding enough, especially if gifts are brought upon return.

This is a rather hectic aspect however, so you may want to be careful how well you organize yourself. If you plan things in advance and make sure that you prioritise the numerous commitments you will be hit with, surely you stay on top of things and not disappoint anyone.

There is no risk for you to be distracted by any temptations that are linked to your love live as it seems that you are also under the influence of the Venus square Saturn aspect, starting on the 9th, which will limit the amount of interactions you have that are linked to your love life.

This doesn’t mean however, that this will cause any problems, so nothing to worry about here.


TOP TIP of the month: The key to overcoming any work-related frustration is in the relationship you nurture with your peers. If you linger in a complain prone mood, you will find it easier to just bring up the worst parts and demotivate yourself further.

Limitations ahead

Once again, you will need to bear with the whims of Mercury retrograde, until the 18th of the month. Do you wish to know the good or the bad news first?

Well, the good news is that on this occasion, dear Libra, it doesn’t seem like this transit will have a major impact on objective aspects of your life, such as work projects or any official communications you may have going on. This doesn’t mean of course that you can simply neglect them but at least, there will be little to no disruption.

The bad news, however, is that this transit appears to be targeting your love life so that harmonious and romantic end of summer you may have expected, may not actually happen. Because at its essence, Mercury retrograde turns our energy inwards towards our feelings and perceptions about ourselves, your tendency will be to isolate yourself from the partner.

They may of course act up, not understanding what is going on, and their propensity to create all sort of scenarios may determine whether or not conflict, and to what extent, may descend upon your relationship.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Mercury sextile Venus aspect debuting on the 18th will mark the best period during this August for relaxation so you might want to think about planning a small escapade to the seaside or to the mountains during that period.

As we progress towards the end of the month, your emotions may enter under check, under the Venus square Pluto aspect, forming on the 26th. This is an aspect with profound ramifications in one’s life, that has the potential to surface things and beliefs you didn’t even know existed in yourself.

There is a component of tension and intrigue as well, perhaps even caused by yourself but ultimately, people are going to sense the love around and little offences will occur. Peak emotions may trouble some natives but the support around will ease any concerns.

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