Libra August 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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It’s time to invest dear Libra, this August, and we are not only taking about the financial aspects here. Think about what you can improve in your life and go for it, because the stars are definitely on your side.

Be proud of how far you’ve come but don’t let yourself get stuck by any fears because you can push through them. Take time to spend with those dear too, even if this takes you away from productive work.

You will find that this month, your emotional side can be strengthened and there are very little steps you can take to improve your mood and become a more sociable person too.

Be careful at home, during the second half of August because there is some risks of small accidents. Similarly, those who will need to travel long distances, should make sure that they are ready for it.

All good things come to you very easily. You will enjoy the majority of the month and your perseverance about getting things completed will most certainly be noticed.

Stay balanced and eat healthy, this month gives you a good tonus. Do not buy unnecessary things and give up financial excesses.

Things in relationships will be peaceful and harmonious. Therefore, you can enjoy the long nights in two without interruptions. If a single Libra, do not reject invitations to a party or on a trip. You never know what interesting person you could meet.

August highlights

This month could come with some new opportunities in the social sphere, possible erotic tangles, and the ability to deeply explore the inner universe, take advantage of the reaping of personal strengths.

The first week might come with some delays to your personal plans, perhaps because you are lacking the necessary resources. It may also be that you will need to look for the support of your friends too.

Similarly, even towards the middle of the month, some group projects or other endeavours you have going on might cost you money that you don’t really have right now.

From the 21st onwards, however, the spell breaks and everything seems to start moving ahead as planned. You may be required to take some decisions in the interest of your family too and this could prove to be a rather daunting process.

Libra love horoscope for August 2019

It seems like the stars are quite on your side, from a sentimental point of view as your love life will be rather coherent and satisfactory this month.

All efforts that are put in by people as a couple will see great results and some natives may even find themselves in the position to advance some serious plans.

Around the middle of august you are going to be rather pragmatic about your feelings and will not let anything interfere with your plans.

On the other hand, those whom have just started a new relationship are still going to look at the other through rose tinted glasses. This until, some material issues might hit.

Beware of superficial conflict and of saying things that you are likely to regret later on.

Even if you feel good and have a lot of energy, keep an eye on what is going on in your couple life and don’t underestimate any other issues that might be creeping later on.

Towards the end of the month is recommended that you do not risk anything, because the stars might not really be on the side of those lovers who are gambling with their emotions.

Career progress this month

If you want to make progress this month in your career, you will need to get yourself out there. Make others notice you and demand the respect you deserve.

To put your skills in the spotlight, you might also want to work with others and join new projects. Collaborate and try to get to know as many people as possible.

With the New Moon at the start of the month in your eleventh house, you can get most benefits by spending time with other people.

It might also be a good idea to set up an online business or to promote yourself online no matter what business you have.

Around the 15th, try to work towards your passion and take some time to meditate about what you really enjoy doing. The result might come as a surprise, no matter how well you might consider that you know yourself.

There are also higher chances of personal and spiritual fulfilment when it comes to work this month and you will feel like you are doing things for a higher purpose.

The Full Moon from the 15th could mark the moment of a crucial business decision or the time of meeting people to guide you to a better future.

You do not miss money this August, but towards the end of the month, you may be faced with some instability or unforeseen expenses. Beware of financial speculation on credit!

Health and wellbeing

August 2019 is one of finalizing, because much of what you started in previous years will now end and you will reap fruitful benefits of the intense work in the past.

An unexpected person will come into your life and will support you when needed. This might also be somewhat of a test of friendship or even more.

However, this month will test your perseverance and patience, because nothing will be accomplished without them, and you will need to be present and on the stage at all times to adapt to the emerging situations.

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