Libra December 2016 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-11-20, 4567 views

A month of good news this December but don’t sleep on it because you will also be quite busy. Opportunities and new chances do come to those who are trying and you might find it that the more you turn your mind in a particular direction, the more benefits are going to come from that.

You might feel at times that you wish you could edit some things out of your life but you will have to learn with those as well. This month is not necessarily the best teacher but you are also a stubborn learner.

And in contradiction with this being the last month of the year, it seems that for you is something of putting new bases to some activities. Be careful what you wish for because it might actually happen and you don’t want to get stuck into something you haven’t really thought about.

Creating and others

During the first week, you are gracing others, be them family or friends, with your ideas and this seems to create a bigger impact than you can imagine. But this doesn’t mean that you can expect the same in return, especially if you are not very clear about what your needs are.

As long as you are aware of this pattern, no frustration can come in from this and you are free to pursue whatever personal activities you have in mind.

Mars is sending you action signals but some days you might just be too lazy to pursue them.

And even when you are quick to react, it is important what you choose to do. What I said is not meant to scare you or bring any doubt. You just require a lot of attention so you don’t get into anything too complicated.

Love and the holidays

Not all that flies can be eaten and it seems that from the 10th on, things are slightly complicated in your love life and some boundaries will have to be put out there.

Either you or your partner have created this not very healthy dependence and you need to break from that.

And it is exactly on occasions like this when you spend a lot of time together that you can see that. Statistics are not very cheerful when it comes to couples and the holidays so you also need to be wary of that.

Problems revealed should not be shoved under the carpet because they will surface soon and with a different dimension perhaps.

Surprisingly enough, it may be that unexpected help comes from people in your family who didn’t necessarily believe in your relationship in the first place or whom have been in the middle of some discussions between you and your partner, in the past.

Opportunities of some other kind

Financially speaking, there is plenty from where to spend and be generous this season for some and even if your situation hasn’t been the greatest lately, you will somewhat find means to raise to standards.

Some might have to deal with opinions from work and this will bring some self-doubt as well. Avoid gossipy reunions so then you won’t be exposed to anything of this kind.

If you want to listen to some advice, then find someone who is really an expert in their field and who really knows what they are saying.

Those who are looking to buy property or make some kind of investment might actually find this period auspicious, not only because it is less competition but also because they have more time at hand to get the right deal.

The usual

Towards the end of the month you will feel somewhat stuck because of the holidays and although generally speaking you will enjoy being lazy and the rest of celebrations, there is still this fire inside you that prompts you to do something, anything.

This might come out in different shapes and sizes, for some through excess while for others through bitter word fights with anyone who tries to temper them or doesn’t seem to understand them.

But it’s the holidays and as long as your health, of both kinds, mental and physical are not really impacted, you will go through this, just like you do every year.

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