Libra December 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-11-26, 4592 views

You definitely won’t have reasons to complain about anything this December as things are likely to run smooth for you, especially because you know how to work your charm. You are sensual and magnetic when it comes to obtaining something in your love life and very eloquent and convincing with everyone else.

It seems that you might even be able to sort out a situation that has been going on for a while now and that others have not had success with. You are full of initiative and seem to work harder and harder, despite others being distracted by the holidays approaching.

Some natives may get in a bit of a tense standoff with a friend at the beginning of the month, perhaps because both parts will be strong willed and the matter at heart is rather subjective. Luckily, things are going to progress for the better and towards NYE, peace and calm will be restored.

Love storm ahead

Romantic life is going to be most shaken this December, this because you are trying to sort everything out in your life before the New Year and you are not willing to leave any loose ends.

So you are likely to be courageous and just say things as they are, without even considering the consequences. You will spend the necessary money to travel or do whatever is needed to be close to your loved one.

Some natives may be bitterly disappointed on an aspect they already considered sorted but may also win in a territory they imagined they didn’t have any chance.

Love life will be an emotional rollercoaster during the first half of the month and then may slow down a bit, towards a more reflective and meditating mood, in the second half.

Frustrations at work

Around the 8th, there may be a minor setback at work, something that has to do with others not doing their jobs right and it seems that you will simply let things follow their natural course.

You will be mostly frustrated by the fact that you have done what you were supposed to do but now you are being put in a bad light because of others.

But because you have not invested too many feelings in that particular task, you will decide to move away from this and won’t be that affected overall.

Some natives will try to be proactive the next time and ensure that everyone knows exactly what they are being asked to do, even if this means spending some extra time on the topic.

Nostalgia at its best

The stars will prompt you to remember all sort of episodes from a long time ago and there will be different triggers from your day to day life. You are excited about Christmas approaching and this may trigger you to think about your childhood.

There will be nice and less nice memories that will be brought forward but in the end, you will be nostalgic about all and your mood will not change for the worse.

If you have your own children, you may also be in a better position to tell them about all that has happened in your life.

There may be some food cravings associated with foods from your past and you may even get in the kitchen to prepare things you can’t buy from anywhere else. This can turn into a real celebration and a moment to spend with your family.

In control of the situation

Around the 27th, you may be required to act as a referee in family meetings, perhaps as things are getting more tense after Christmas.

Everyone has been together and celebrated and frustrations of all sorts may have risen and now they are about to explode.

You will prove very intuitive about all of this and will take it upon yourself to defuse these little bombs before words are being thrown around.

The interesting part is your reaction to all of this and the fact that instead of being annoyed about this, you will actually be pleased with yourself and the impact your attention and spirit of anticipation has.

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