Libra December 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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You really need to be mindful of the opportunities that come your way this month because there are quite a few occasions that will make your day, bring good fortune and teach you something.

Sounds good? Well, you need to abandon worrisome thoughts and negative opinions in order to be really open to what is happening around you.

A stark reminder that what you send out there returns to you and the warning not to neglect your family, especially during this time of the year.

With Jupiter in your third house of communication, you will play an important role in the lives of those around and can bring wisdom and cheer to them. There are opportunities of breakthrough even in tense family situations.

December highlights

Relationships with your friends and family may feel slightly different this month, especially as you tend to notice certain nuances. Don’t let this overwhelm you but rather use your intuition to become a more pleasant companion.

With the new Moon in Sagittarius taking place on the 7th, you may feel that you are using your mind a lot to help others and that you are focusing less on yourself, which is, of course, a welcomed break. This is also an occasion to break the mould a little and remove some negative thinking patterns from your life.

Around the 19th, some good news may bring an influx of optimism in your life and prompt you to seek to entertain yourself more, all thanks to the Mercury Jupiter conjunction.

The Venus Pluto sextile debuting on the 26th will make you long for affection and emotions and thus make you appear a lot needier than you are. Your need of reassurance will be met, however, your expectations will be quite big.

After this episode and just in time for the New Year, some relief will follow and the chance to develop harmonious relationships, even where there may have been tensions in the past.

Love life this month

Your love life will be full of surprises this month, most of them coming from other people. Your partner may be in a total mood and will change their mind every couple of days, making it very hard for you to keep track with them.

And if this is linked to plans for the holidays, or even for what is to happen after the New Year, then surely, you have all reasons to feel at unease.

The good news is that you can throw many of the responsibilities at them, since they are the ones who are trying to take the lead.

Single natives will not hesitate to be flirty but will not engage in anything very serious. Perhaps this reluctance has to do with not appearing too desperate. Given the time of the year.

The advice for them is to keep an eye on whom they are meeting because this person might be very special and this will only be revealed in a couple of weeks.

Career aspects in December

During the first half of the month you are going to be rather hesitating and will prefer to stick to what is known to you and comfortable. And who should blame you, especially since after the 17th your attitude will change, and you will be more interested in getting out of your comfort zone.

You are a little idealistic as well so perhaps it is best that for a while you prefer to just dream and not action. And when it is time to get on with work, make sure that you surround yourself with good advice because you are going to need it.

Venus will be helping you reap the financial rewards of previous work so it seems that you will be able to go shopping in style, for you and those dear.

Health and wellbeing

You appear to be in party mode and your body will follow suit this December. When needing to deal with mundanities you are not going to be happy and will feel like you have no energy but when it comes to very pleasurable activities and to meeting with others, you will be instantly reinvigorated.

And by recognizing these reactions, you will not get very concerned with your moods and will just treat them as normal.

Some natives are advised to make sure that they get their sleep because lacking it, especially for a long period in a row, will produce consequences that they will not be happy with, later on.

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