Libra December 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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All throughout December, you will be in a very good mood, as Libras are supposed to enjoy the rewards of what they’ve managed to achieve during 2020. It has been a difficult year for you, but this doesn’t mean you’ve lost your trust.

Avoid being egotistical and thinking only about yourself. The Horoscope suggests you tale things easy, make sure you’re healthy and you’re spending Christmas with your loved ones.

December comes with a great chance of balancing things out on your own. You will need to gain the attention of the person you’re in love it, but this won’t be a problem, as it will make you feel like you’re doing something important.

Both love and passion will be in your path. Your feelings will grow stronger, but don’t allow them to overwhelm you.

December 2020 Highlights

Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter always come with the healthiest questions and open your mind during the last 2 decans. The presence of Neptune in Pisces has you being more mystical in the relationship with your little ones, but only if you are a man and for the second decan.

All the time in your place and in front of the Libra constellation, the planet Uranus in Taurus wants to make your intimate life unstable for the first decan.

Starting with the 22nd and until the 30th, pay attention to your credit. December is your month. While lights may seem down, your visual acuity is going to increase.

The influxes of December will have you being more combative and increase your magnetism. Get ready to face any challenge sent by the Universe. Planetary energies will be moving in your advantage.

Saturn and Jupiter will be in your emotional sector and help you evolve. Allow yourself to be happy, and your Christmas will feel magical. Annoyed by aggressiveness in the workplace, Libras will want more to be with their family.

The people they care about the most will offer them love and warmth. At least at work, they will be generously rewarded when it comes to money, so they will not have such a bad time in the adverse conditions there. Their self-esteem will as well increase, so they won’t hesitate to take the initiative all the time.

Libra Love Horoscope for December

You should have an active and rewarding love life if you accept that others have their own opinions that can’t influence your balance in any way. With Venus in Scorpio, your heart will be touched by possessiveness, but only until the 16th.

After, you will find harmony anywhere you may be going, as Mars in Aries and Venus in Sagittarius will make it possible. Expert your marriage to be more intense.

The powerful influence of Mars’ presence in Aries should rekindle your passion and have your love life more dynamic. After the 16th, you will be led by happiness and your feelings.

You will also have many opportunities to meet someone interesting, so don’t hesitate to go out. However, don’t rush when having to make decisions. Mars can bring you a very enterprising person that you will admire in your life, but only if you wait.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Not only professional differences can raise tensions for you at work, but also incompatibilities with your colleagues. Keep in mind you only need to work with these people, not live with them.

At least there are positive energies in the mix. Saturn in Sagittarius will make you stronger when having to fight for your dreams and position. Besides, it protects you from being impulsive, as this may happen seeing Pluto and Mercury will be in Capricorn, Mars in Libra, and Uranus will transit Aries.

This month will be one in which Libras won’t hesitate to reveal their intensity, especially at work. Those of them who are thinking about changing their career will be very capable of realistically analyzing the pros and cons of the event, this way making the right decision.

If collaborating with Arieses, they need to understand that there are limits to what they can do, also that mutual understanding is mandatory. They will be able to trust Scorpios who are going to prove they’re the most determined and tenacious.

Libras’ friends and colleagues may prevent them from gaining more influence and position themselves better. And it will be very difficult for the natives of the Scales to turn this situation around.

More exactly, for the month of December, fighting for their own spot won’t bring them any advantages, but the Cosmos will tell them to do so. If they want to take care of the most important issues in their life, it would be better for them to wait until after New Year’s.

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