Libra February 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-01-23, 3425 views

A month of changes and energy that needs to be spent but as well of confusion and lack of focus at work. Dreamland is one term for what is going to happen while the other is person, because you tend to dismiss certain things and adopt new ones, you tend to try a soul search but it takes you a while to pin point exactly what you feel deep inside that is wrong.

How sensible are you

The good news this February is that you will do some sort of soul search and cleanse and you will finally be able to get past a problem or a situation that has been in your mind the whole of January.

Either that you replace it with something less serious that doesn’t stress you as much or you completely dismiss it, there will be a few days when you will feel as if you are stepping on clouds with no more weight to you.

If I were you I would be very mindful to what I say in public this month, especially when you are accompanied by people in your family who are older than you.

Criticism is quick to rise and for some natives, very difficult to extinct and it will only ruin your mood on that occasion for no good reason.

And it’s not necessarily about the words you use, so no need to avoid swearing if this is what you were thinking about because this is more like related to your opinions and what you have to say to support them.

Searching for solutions

A bit of contradiction might seem fun but not when it is then used against you. Therefore you need to maintain some boundaries.

Closer to the 10th you might also feel that there is one thing lacking in your relationship and you will spend quite some time trying to hunt that down.

Interesting to see if we reach a resolution in this regard especially since you are most likely going to involve your partner is this search as well.

What the stars show though is that after the 14th communication reestablishes in your home so chances are this is when you will receive your wanted answer.

Way too pretentious

Venus is to blame here for whatever else surfaces while you are spending time so relaxed and open. She will also provide a catapult for your social endeavor and you will probably be seen in a completely different light as days go by and the bolder you become.

Upon meeting Uranus however, Venus sheds some light on the partnerships in your life, the first place being occupied by your love life.

There are things that have been bothering you in the past and now surface again. Maybe small things but now you are set to nit pick on everything. Some natives might benefit from partners who will understand them while others natives will have to dodge some arrows when the conflict starts.

Who understands you

Not a bad time for any changes of look or starting on a new diet as you are motivated to keep up with that and at least during this month this is probably going to happen. Remember what they say, the year starts in February, January is just the trial month.

Beside this you will probably feel a surge in energy and you will have to use it in some way. For some natives this new social life will be enough while others will need some sort of physical exercise to burn everything out.

At first, your partner might not understand you entirely but they will probably come to a grip with this attitude of yours once they see it relaxes you somehow.

Your friends on the other hand will need no convincing as they will be on board with anything that promises entertainment prospects and having you around them for more time than usual.

Moving forward

Don’t expect any advancement at work, especially if you have any projects or plans that you need to keep to a schedule because Mercury is definitely set to play with you in this regard and won’t let you do much.

Respect what you can respect and then try to intelligently delegate or postpone everything else without creating and existential crisis around you.

The more we advance towards the end of the month, the more this negligence seems to settle in and it gets even harder to navigate through work.

While some might say it only takes you a bit of focus and motivation, I tend to believe that this influence, coupled with an innate dreamy nature surfacing these days, will be strong enough to keep you in your own world for some time, no matter how big are the outside world threats and responsibilities.

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