Libra February 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-01-27, 9744 views

Not all those who wander are lost. You shouldn’t feel guilty for trying to discover more of what you like and feel as if you owe anyone anything for your trial and errors.

February should be an optimistic month for you, one in which you wake up from the daze of the beginning of the year and become more realistic about what you can and what you can’t accomplish. Let those around know that you are ready to experience all sorts, and opportunities will come.

Around the 4th, with Venus square Jupiter, you are definitely trying to use your charisma to get away from sensible situations at home. And whilst in some cases this will work, you may want to keep being involved where it really matters.

Achieving healing

At the beginning of the month, you may find that your partner is slightly distancing from you, as they don’t seem to feel in you the support that they reckon they need.

You are going to regain self-confidence and a sensual allure with Venus’ move into Pisces on the 11th. Healing and inspiration are going to surface behind small details and you will then tend to offer more importance to people you have recently neglected.

With the planet of love and feminine energy residing in an evolutionary and highly spiritual sign, your intentions are going to rise above mundanity but you will also be challenged at a psychic level.

Previous relationship comfort may be put at risk by new and updated demands, which you will need time to get used to.

In with the new …

With the occasion of a new Moon, there is a new chance for you to reinvent yourself, and to back this up, there is also a partial solar eclipse going on, therefore the chances for you to move from tradition and from old habits to new horizons, are even greater.

But this is going to be a rather lengthy journey so don’t expect it to happen straight away. Perhaps you can use this time to re-think your new year resolutions, see where you are with them, what you want to give up on and what you are still motivated to pursue.

The new Moon in Aquarius may also bring some social frisson and you will need to justify your decisions and to protect what you are fighting for.

There may be some days in which you will be relentless and find it very hard to let your mind relax, even when you don’t have any more activities on your list.

The small challenges

The Mars square Neptune transit that follows the new Moon is one of suspicion and scandal. Your understanding of a particular situation is challenged and you will be somewhat forced to either keep some things to yourself or to make up a completely different reaction.

This is an aspect that pushes the individual to recognize uncomfortable things and to accept that these need to change. Moving on will be hard but not impossible. You may also feel the need to avoid some friends for a couple of days.

Prepare to have your thoughts mixed as there is a tendency to follow emotional patterns and react to events in such way as to escape mental effort.

This is not a sign of you being lazy, as those close may hurry to interpret. This is more of your mind’s protective shield acting up against unnecessary aggression, some of it likely to come from interactions with your friends.

Being comfortable

With Mercury squaring Mars at the end of February, you can expect some hurtful words, particularly because you are prone to exaggerating and to being very sensitive, even to minor irritation.

You will seek controversy but rather for you to be a witness to it, a mere spectator than part of it. Whilst you will crave adrenaline and rushing into decisions, you will prefer to keep your place on the sidelines.

This may also happen as you are very comfortable with your position these days and prefer to rationalize any challenges.

Your communication style will actively change depending on who composes and which is the mood of your audience, so you will have great success in any public speaking endeavors.

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