Libra February 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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It seems that the stars are throwing in a helping hand in most of your life areas, especially related to your family life and your relationship with money.

There will be a couple of days in which your attitude will be a rather rigid one, perhaps because there is a particular type of image that you want to inspire. But otherwise, you will also be very affectionate and tender for most of the month.

During the first week you will be more inclined than usual to question the things that are happening around you and will probably be more interested than usual in the new.

If you are an entrepreneur you will also be presented with good business opportunities for the coming months, but you should not borrow money and instead bet on your hard work and expertise.

Keep in mind the following

This month you will participate enthusiastically in joint activities, you will prefer to move a lot and encourage others and you will be able to live intense experiences.

Some natives may look into ways to beautify their homes and even to become more cheerful. It is a good time to hold meetings or celebrations at home and to encourage a group to undertake a rewarding domestic task.

The Sun and Mercury in your fifth house indicate a very favorable period for the expression of your energy through love, fun, hobbies and everything that you like and that helps you feel better in any circumstances.

It is a good time for self-development and to give the best of yourself. Mercury fosters dialogue, exchange, communication as well this month. New ideas and original inspirations can appear to solve everyday issues.

Towards the end of the month you might feel like you have been kissed by a muse and so will motivate yourself to work your creativity to the max.

Libra love horoscope for February

The Sun increases your power of seduction and sensuality until the 18th but you are still craving for more and you will try to seek for all sort of allies.

Some may find this is their closest friends who can act up as wingmen or wingwomen, others will try to spruce up their social media to show their lives in an even more attractive light.

Venus’ transit is only contributing further to this embrace of superficiality and an increased interest in beauty and image may also be observed, to the detriment of more practical responsibilities.

Be careful during the second half because Jupiter might promote open communications but you might end up a little bit too excited and say some things you don’t really mean and offend some people.

Leaving aside your race for popularity, you may wish to take a closer look to your emotions and perhaps come up with some conclusions about your expectations and desires.

You will be surprised to see that some things may have changes since the last emotional overhaul you may have gone through.

Around the 23rd of the month, you will show a lot more compassion and understanding to those close. This might prompt some people to take advantage of your good will and you should be prepared to cut out any toxic ties from your life.

Money and career highlights

You sometimes win and you other times lose and it seems that this will be exactly what is happening this month in your professional life. You must accept the natural peaks and troughs and learn your lessons from both.

During one particularly difficult episode that occurs during the first two weeks you might end up in quite a disillusioned state and you should be warned that you need to banish yourself from any decisions at that time.

Leave it a couple of days for things to cool off and perhaps you will manage to see them in a different perspective.

During this period, it is also advisable for Libra to save some of their income so that if a mishap appears, it will not be hard for them to make ends meet.

After the 23rd, you may find that the situation becomes more stable and that you can finally take a project off the ground. You may also enjoy good support, the kind that you may have been searching for throughout the month.

The wisdom of someone older than you should be welcomed at this time but perhaps you need to be mindful of their circumstances and account for their situation before you put their advice to action.

Things have changed and the world has evolved. There will be things you can take but there will also be other, rather conservative aspects, that you will need to dismiss.

Your health this February

Good news, with all the ruckus in your professional life, it seems that your health is trying to compensate things and will allow for some peaceful 4 weeks.

This is also a great time to break bad habits as you have everything on your side, even laziness will be gone.

The best you can do for yourself is to get into a physical exercise routine or similar. Perhaps you can even involve your friends in your plans.

You may find that at first you are very animated and eager to follow through but at the first sign of tiredness, you will really need to up your game and channel al your willingness in order to continue.

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