Libra January 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2015-12-21, 2668 views

You know how they tell you to be careful what you wish for because you might get it. Well, I hope you haven’t wished for this much work and responsibility this New Year because this is how this January actually looks like.

And in case you wished for a promotion or your moment of spotlight, they might follow, but they sure are hidden behind this cloud of work and stress that would tense even the most organized person.

A strange dynamic to follow you in the relations with those around as you never seem to be on the same page with the majority and you are either one step back, not following them or one step ahead, not really understanding what is going on because you are long gone to a different subject.

It’s not like your intuition is malfunctioning but don’t imagine you’re too special for them because it is not the case. You simply have different priorities at the moment.

Adapt to time before it’s too late

Having to deal with several situations of this kind it will only be natural for you to react and to unconsciously spend more time on your own, not necessarily isolating yourself but finding ways to enjoy time in your own company.

And when it comes to that, it might be even easier for you now to establish some good habits and maybe, who knows, give up a social vice like smoking or drinking a glass too much.

The first full week of January does announce some material gain but it will probably be related to something you did back in December so not yet the reward for what you are struggling with at the moment.

This will give you wings to be even more motivated but might also put you on the road to pay debt and to settle some deals. Wouldn’t be surprised if you resort to a totally unlikely alliance in order to multiply this income. Don’t be too optimistic however and make sure you read the fine print.

What are you talking about

Emotionally speaking at least you are benefiting from peace and quiet at home, of course if you don’t make your own wishes too much known. Venus will be lovely with the romantic ones, but usually just the ones that are just starting their stories so the well established couples are on their own.

Once you start talking about how you feel and what you think you’d deserve another face of your loved one will be unleashed and you’ll probably find out a lot of things that you didn’t know about yourself and that probably make you a terrible person.

So the answer at home is not give kindness to be given kindness but more like, spread peace by saying nothing if you want to relax.

Your parents or someone older, enticed by a good communication strike you might have had in the past, might also have too much to say about the way you conduct your family and although at the beginning you’ll be too shocked to react this will surely get on your nerves.

It’s time to play

All this will come on an already troubled soul who is experiencing some bad vibes from around, not really understanding how to interpret them.

This is because towards the middle of them month people are not going to be as nice with you and you’ll be given enough occasions to see how certain games are done and how not everything is fair in the world. In order to avoid entering such situation you will simply have to say no and resist to temptation.

On the other hand though there will be some good showing up as well and some opportunities not only to make up with colleagues but also to work with them for a greater task without any open conflict lingering around.

What tempts you

Temptation does come in different shapes and sizes and can be just as inoffensive as a work colleague telling you what they have discovered in their free time. You are really dreading changes this month and all you probably want is to revel in your cozy comfort zone.

Therefore the second half of the month will show two contradictory faces, with challenges and questions but also with efficient work and unfortunately, it will be up to you to discern which is which and to fight the bad feelings and premonitions you sense.

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