Libra January 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-12-21, 4325 views

Quite a superficial January if you judge by the impulses you have to take care of yourself and to get in shape. Some may be motivated by love interests while others may be triggered by health concerns.

And at the end of the day, is it that important what motivates someone to do something as long as it doesn’t interfere with anyone else?

You have this attitude and will often prefer to hide what you are doing, just not to be judged or to avoid having to explain yourself. While this may offer you some quiet days, it will also isolate you from people who are usually quite understanding with you.

Some trust issues arise, perhaps in the family. For some, they may be triggered by a story that just surfaced while others are just putting this forward because they want to protect their privacy.

Work all around

Around the 3rd, you might be confronted with a difficult reality and might have to leave some sort of habit aside, because someone dear is asking.

You feel the need to react but don’t want to be confrontational in the situation at hand o you will probably end up taking it on something or someone else.

Time pressure will make you up your game at work and some new responsibilities are going to give you a head ache. Be prepared for situations that don’t necessarily have a right or wrong answer.

You need to guide yourself on the evidence you have available and on your own intuition. In some respect, this is quite straight forward and helps you avoid contact with others.

Busy is an understatement

With experience comes the safety and confidence in your own decisions and you prefer to be ready when you need to put your signature on something. With the current disposition, some delays may take place and you won’t be able to signal those who are to blame on the spot.

This might lead you on some sort of vendetta hunt and the conflict that comes of this will keep you quite busy around the 11th.

You are busy at home too, with your partner being quite demanding of you. Perhaps time spent together during the holidays, no matter how stressful or full of relative visits, has rekindled the flame between you two.

These areas are enough to keep you more that occupied so you might find yourself in the position to avoid a friend at a particular time, just because you don’t know what excuse to make up.

Keeping yourself in shape

Things are going to clear up a bit after the 15th but it seems that you prefer to keep up the rhythm. And this is not a bad idea at all because you tend to get a lot more distracted when you have time on your hands.

The only word of caution in regard to this choice has to do with your health and the amount of rest you are getting. If you neglect your normal sleep times, you will feel this in your stomach and urinary system, in the shape of some pains you sure don’t want to experience.

You might be asked for advice in regard to someone’s relationship and the wisest thing to do is to stay away from the matter.

It may be that given the connection you have with that person, perhaps they are a close friend or relative, they kind of force you to have a saying. Don’t fall under the illusion that this is not going to come back to you because it will.

Facing reality

Around the 24th, some more or less urgent matters around the house are going to surface and your attention should be drawn to those. But it seems that you prefer to avoid them by staying away from home as much as you can.

This is not really a healthy and mature option is it? Luckily, those living with their families won’t be left in this denial state for too long.

Those on their own, will need a little more time to face their responsibilities, most likely with the wakeup call of some costly consequences.

Advice from work colleagues will be very useful so don’t be reluctant in advertising the problems you are going through around the office. Just don’t make it look like you are complaining.

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