Libra January 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-12-28, 4884 views

A promising month ahead for your professional goals, however, prepare for some unexpected obstacles in your personal endeavors. We are going to be very direct with you in this horoscope as this is one of the big things you are appreciating in January.

You will try to stay close to direct and courageous people and will not hesitate to cut ties with people who you may feel are dragging you down. You are down to action throughout January and will mobilize yourself easier than usual.

Perhaps some of this is due to your keen motivation and to the good company you are in but the rest surely has something to do with the fact that you are eager to start the year with your best foot forward.

Friendship troubles

Whilst the first week of January will bring some happy news in your relationship, there will also be challenges coming from a friend you would have never expected to create you any trouble.

They may require your help in an emergency of some kind or on the contrary, they have already done something to hurt you.

Whilst you are going to be very flexible and jump to the rescue, this whole episode will leave you with a bitter taste and will probably think twice about having them involved so much in your life.

Some natives may also feel some pressure to cut the ties because of their partners who don’t want to see them suffering anymore and will ask for measures to be taken.

Jealousy may also be a source of what has happened so if you still want to salvage the friendship relationship, perhaps you need to have a very honest and open conversation.

A moment of respire

We should let you know that this is how January is going to be like, one that is hot and then one that is cold. After the major friendship incident, you are likely to enjoy a couple of days of peace.

Perhaps you might want to use them to get your health sorted, especially if you have made any excessed during the holiday season. No one is talking about going to the gym if this is not your thing.

More like eating as healthy as you can and getting proper rest. If you are into sports, it would be a great idea to get the family out there to play something.

Some natives will be very concerned about money, perhaps because they feel that a healthier lifestyle will incur some extra costs, and maybe take money from sweeter stuff, like entertainment, something which they are not ready for.

Work challenges

Around the 23rd, you may find yourself dissatisfied with the attitude of those around at work and will give up on some of your own motivations because you don’t feel that you have with whom to work.

Some natives will go as far as to cancel some plans and will not return on the decision, no matter how insistent others may be. Perhaps you should not be this stubborn and listen to the case people are making.

If you set out your own conditions, maybe not all is lost. You have gained your position at work and can use this now to make sure that things are going in the direction you want them to.

If you are dealing with a budget too, maybe you will be required to make some adjustments to your original plan and this sort of adaptability will prove to be a nightmare for you.

Playing up

As we are approaching the last days of the month, you are going to have more and more fun with your charming demeanor. You have more courage in approaching others and will spend a lot of time on your appearance.

It is not that you are all of a sudden more superficial, but rather that you are more easy going and relaxed.

This is obviously the best time for single natives to be out there and they will probably be surprised by a particular date they will be able to obtain.

Other than this, around the 29th, you might want to be careful with what you are doing in the house, especially in the kitchen, as your mind will be elsewhere and there is quite a risk of getting yourself hurt.

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