Libra January 2020 Monthly Horoscope

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You have a volcanic attitude towards all the people you interact with this January. You go from one state of mind to another in a fraction of a second and you can't manage your emotions the way you would want.

This month you manage to realize how important is the time you give yourself to reconnect with your own person, and by the end of the month this reconnection helps you to realize what you really want from the future.

As for relationships, they will be peaceful in January. Long-term relationships will advance. You don't have to worry about discussing serious things with your partner.

On the other hand, single Libras will not be lucky enough to meet new people. Therefore, the horoscope recommends channelling your energy in a different direction, such as personal development or sport activities.

January highlights

This month comes right after the holidays so everyone should be a little bit more relaxed and perhaps your discussions with family members are less likely to culminate in a conflict.

You enjoy the peaceful period and try to extend it at work as well, by not doing much and by procrastinating.

During or around the 9th, discussions with your colleagues could help clarify some issues and you may find that you have been misunderstanding some things. From the 13th onwards, the atmosphere at work becomes even more harmonious.

But this might not last for the entire month as it seems that around the 26th, the atmosphere could be damaged at work due to the fact that you and your co-workers are not on the same wavelength regarding professional issues.

At the end of January, however, you may experience a period of calm and you will gain the chance to focus more on your social life, perhaps even join a group of some kind or start volunteering.

You will be a lot more open to listening to others and wishing to reach a common ground where you could build collective strategies.

Libra love horoscope for January 2020

Your family life seems solid this month so will give you the chance to be expansive in your emotions and depart from routine.

You are more prone to asserting yourself in the presence of your loved one and will even show them sides of yours that they might not be so accustomed with.

In love there is agitation, movement, the personal domain is in a process of profound transformation. Even if things do not change effectively, the native's perception of romance undergoes changes.

Around the 20th, you get the chance to open your soul and express all your feelings in front of someone very special, who will end up playing a key role in your romantic life, for a long period, in 2020. But don’t be confused, this person is more of a Cupid for you, rather than your partner.

Professional life this month

Aside from the New and Full Moon of January, there is a rarer aspect that is going to influence you to make some changes with respect to your work life balance, and that is the Saturn-Pluto conjunction occurring on the 12th.

Around this date you will likely become more restless than usual and wish to see some change around you, whether you start with your lifestyle or with the areas of work you are unhappy with.

You are so set in making some changes that you don’t even care if this can mean spending money to make things happen or taking a lesser paid job, just so you have more free time for yourself and those close.

The Full Moon in Cancer, occurs on January 10, with the Sun in Capricorn, as if there is more need for further proof that something very profound is happening in the field of work and that this time may be the maximum emotional moment.

You may feel overwhelmed by emotions but at the same time the stars help you to acknowledge what you have to do and guide you to making the right decisions.

Don’t forget about the New Moon on the 24th, on the cusp of two domains, between home and passion, between the field of home and creativity.

Health and wellbeing

Pride is the one that predisposes, first of all, to all sort of physical suffering and the stars are not going to be kind to you if you put yourself first and let your ego dictate.

Think about karma and positive actions, temper your negative thoughts and not think badly about others if you wish to keep yourself safe from ailments and worries.

Water retention caused by some medicines or excesses in your diet could occur. Attention, therefore, to medicines, take only what is prescribed to you. Attention to alcohol or other substances, as there is a clear predisposition to intoxication.

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