Libra January 2021 Monthly Horoscope

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Unfortunately, during the year’s first month, Libras won’t be able to refrain themselves from being extremely sensitive. You’re going to question everything, and in case you’re feeling like you have made a mistake, the remorse will overwhelm you.

January will definitely make your emotions more intense. You will also start thinking about your life too much, most likely making many changes. You won’t be stopped by anything from doing just so.

In case you’re contemplating changing jobs, go ahead and do it. There are great opportunities that the Universe has prepared for you.

When it comes to relationships, you will have peace of mind during the month of January. The long-term connections are going to evolve.

You don’t have to be worried about any serious discussion with your partner, single Libras won’t meet any new people, so the Horoscope recommends them to channel their energy towards something else, like for example, physical activities.

January 2021 Highlights

In spite of encountering many difficulties at work, Libras are still going to have an excellent month in January. Many parties and beautiful moments in the couple are on the horizon.

Natives of this sign will be favored in January, especially as far as traveling goes. They will come across many opportunities to go to exotic countries, either alone or with their partner.

It’s also very likely they’ll have to go on business trips. Somehow, they will feel like their strength is growing, so they will want to engage in all sort of activities, all because Jupiter in Sagittarius is influencing them to do so.

When faced with conflicts at home, they need to be diplomatic as they usually are, and to try as much as possible to conciliate.

On a different note, some Libras may decide to move from their current home. Starting with January 26th, it’s a good idea for them to not sign any contracts. Starting a new business is also not advised.

Libra Love Horoscope for January

January is an excellent month as far as relationships and couple matters go for Libras. They will feel like their love life is more intense, not to mention they will be invited to many parties that they can’t miss.

Many single people will think of them as their soulmate because they’ll be very attractive to the opposite sex. Those Libra natives who already are in a stable relationship will have intense moments with their partner.

They will also talk about what they’re truly feeling a lot. Their other half will perfectly understand them, which will lead to very beautiful moments in the couple.

For January’s first week, Heaven’s energies are favoring you, so you’re optimistic and enterprising. Starting with the 10th, you’re also more sensual. Rely on Venus to take good care of your family life, as well as to increase your libido. Balance is the word of the day.

From the 20th on, your love is stronger than ever. The inflow of the month doesn’t bring too many benefits on the family and love front. You will have to adapt to being affectionate, which you won’t like seeing you’re the diplomatic type.

Keep in mind to spend moments of relaxation with your partner. From the 7th and until the 31st, Mars in Taurus makes you more sensual than ever. There aren’t that many opportunities for romantic meetings announced in January.

However, until the 6th, Mars will influence you to fall in love at first sight. You’re the only who decides how this goes until the 9th, when Venus in Sagittarius favors your relationships.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Saturn transiting Pisces through Libra’s 6th House of health and work will make Libra natives have all sort of difficulties at work. They will think that their efforts are not being recognized, also that they don’t get enough compensation for what they’re doing.

Either way, they shouldn’t allow this area of life to negatively influence them. They have to continue being disciplined, responsible and caring because they will get rewarded later.

Your Wellbeing This Month

Saturn’s transit is going to influence Libras’ health, so they may suffer from some disorders that have them feeling very bad. For this reason, they need to pay attention to what they’re eating, to go to the doctor’s for check-ups and to exercise as much as they can.

In case they don’t do so, the conflicts and tensions at work are going to have their nervous system breaking, making them anxious and stressed, something that will show up in their physical appearance.

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