Libra July 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-06-23, 4089 views

Remember to focus on things that you feel are in your favor and leave anything that seems to be a waste of resources, both of time and effort. This July seems to be kind with you, at least on the aspect of showing some things clearly. Of course that you are being left to decide on your own but things shouldn’t be that hard from that point on.

Given the new Moon and eclipse, some positive feelings are going to overwhelm you and for a couple of days you will probably see everything through rose tinted glasses.

If I were you I would proceed with care even during those moments as it seems that those around ought to take advantage of your mood.

Not to say you are naïve as to not realize what they are doing, but perhaps the good mood will also mean that you are way too generous, even with people who don’t really deserve it.

Pay attention

You are doing quality work but perhaps the right person is not there to notice this and frustration might grow because of this. There might be some issues as well with the way you plan your time and the fact that you favor certain activities more than others.

Happier times will come for your career but at the moment you might be right to feel stuck. Some good aspects might come out of a situation where you meet someone with power perhaps because of a work function you have to attend.

If you play your cards right, you might transform this into a completely different type of opportunity.

Around the 7th you might have the chance to make some kind of exchange of information with your friends whether you organize an outing or by any other mean of distance communication.

Being helpful

The middle of the month appears to bring some travel opportunities, a moment to discover a new pace or explore further some destination you have already visited.

This might bring along some logistic challenges, perhaps a train or plane lost or delayed. But the overall atmosphere will be what you make of it so don’t stress unnecessarily.

Venus is going to bring a bout of fresh air and help you see your partner in a completely different light. If you manage to coordinate, perhaps they will also be more appealing and passionate.

Who should you listen to?

Some challenges to your productivity might rise come the 20th but the harder you try, the easier it will eventually be to push those barriers away.

Finances are looking good, especially if you remain in your comfort zone, don’t go beyond your means or buy anything extravagant. You might have to give up some ideas to accommodate this and perhaps not take a particular risk that sounds so appealing now.

If you prefer not to listen to this advice, you will probably spend some enjoyable moments, distract yourself with the temporary excitement and then suffer through the consequences on your own.

The more you stick to your routine this July, the easier you will probably find it. You are also set to find peace in some hobbies you used to enjoy a long time ago. You just need to be open about trying them again.

Being pragmatic about it all

The last week brings a lot of need for pragmatism and quick decisions and there is no time to linger. You might find yourself having to deal with several activities at the same time and perhaps people wanting you to be in different places.

In the middle of this hectic program, my piece of advice might seem illogical. But apparently you regain your confidence and your sense of being on top of things by doing small tasks like cleaning up your working space or reorganizing cupboards.

Make use of anything that you enjoy doing but that is also practical. Some long distance news is going to brighten your day but don’t let them distract you too much.

You will probably have enough time the following month to celebrate them as some friends might come to visit or you are going places.

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