Libra July 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-06-25, 4742 views

Although this might sound like a cliche, communication is key and what seems to happen in your life this July makes no difference. This month will offer you some great occasion to put things in perspective and you will be able to move in the direction you wish with a personal matter.

There may be some sensible discussions that you will have to tackle with a lot of diplomacy, most likely with your partner. On these occasions, you might even feel as if you are sorry for the fact that they know you so well.

There is no time or reason for strategies and it seems that this July, the more you are moving towards manipulating others, the les results you are going to get and you are actually going to drive people away.

Practical activities

The first few days will come with a practical challenge that will remind you somehow of the things you have recently missed out on. It may be that you will feel sorry for not learning a particular skill or for not being in contact with the right specialist.

This matter, probably in the house, will give you quite a head ache but it seems that in the end, although you will have managed to aggravate everyone around, you will be the only person to sort it out.

Around the 5th, you are not very active and you can’t really blame it on being tired because it seems that you will be getting enough sleep so you can’t complain about this. Some natives will take initiative in a matter that has to do with their friends.

Planning your life

Around the 10th, you will be more inclined to discuss your plans and you won’t be as secretive as you normally are in terms of what you plan on doing to achieve them. It seems that being open will actually pay off and not bring any unwanted competition, as you imagine it would.

Some natives will come across a person who can help them further but the context won’t be exactly right and they will have to wait until that person clears their schedule.

This means that you will have to arm yourself with a lot of patience and in some cases, just continue in your own rhythm before that help is activated.

Saying your wishes out loud will actually make the stars be nicer to you, not to mention the fact that you will feel very motivated.

Craving an escape

During this July you are advised to treasure any free moment you have and to dedicate it to favourite activities, especially if these have a creative component. Some natives will feel like traveling but might be stopped by personal circumstances.

If this is your case, beware of making a big drama out of this because it is not the case. You are in charge of your choices and should accept them as they are.

There is still the alternative of small day trips which, although they might not take you far, they will weigh a lot in terms of how you feel emotionally. Single natives may be practical about all of this and try to find a love interest whilst on the road.

But beware of forcing things because this month, if something is not meant to be, then it is not going to happen, no matter how much you want it to.

Comfortable times

The last week will come with unexpected comfort at work and it seems that things are going to be very smooth, despite the fact that you have been expecting some difficulties. It seems that you are slightly cautious with what others are doing but the trouble is all in your mind.

This is a great moment for plans that take you out of the office, like meetings with clients, as you don’t have to worry about what happens while you are not in.

The only stress you might be getting during this period is linked to your own imaginary worries and doesn’t really have a foundation in what is happening around.

Eventually, after a few days in which you will be surprised, you will understand and maybe you will be able to let some things go.

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