Libra July 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Moderation may be one of your distinctive features in general but this July you are likely to stray from this as much as possible. You are searching for adventure and may be able to obtain that excitement you are looking for in places that are very close to home and perhaps unexpectedly.

The stars, on most part, will have a beneficial influence on you and perhaps some long-term wishes will become closer to reality.

On the other hand, you may not be the best influence on some people close to you and if you don’t want to harm them on an emotional level, you may want to stay away from them for a while.

In terms of work there will be some exciting times but there may be some struggle as well, especially if you are required to ensure co-operations between people who can’t stand each other. You are going to go outside your way to make reality whatever your superiors ask of you.

This July is a great moment however for some personal growth and although you may need to build your own opportunities, these have the potential to be plentiful. You are not going to compromise on anything that involves your well-being this month.


Astrological aspect of the month: The Sun trine Jupiter aspect debuting on the 5th will bring warmth in a friendship relationship that has gone rather cold and superficial. There may be a special occasion to connect with a dear long-lost friend.

Learn something new

You are going to start the first week in full action under the Mercury Mars opposition and it seems that this is also going to increase your self-confidence.

This is a really good time to start telling people about things you are good at and perhaps get yourself some opportunities. This is an aspect that promotes initiative and personal resourcefulness.

You may also feel this need to break free from convention and to try something new, but this is not to say that you should get into anything head first. There may be some situations in which you will be required a training of some kind.

Around the 10th, you may find yourself challenged by someone at work and you will not be sure which would be the appropriate reaction.


Enhance! You may want to stay away from any manipulating games and definitely not try to turn people against this person because it is you who will lose the respect of others in case your strategies are surfaced.

Practical aspects and a romantic view are encouraged under the Venus trine Saturn aspect occurring on the 14th. This is ideal for declaring long-term commitment and for moving relationships to the next stage.

You may feel a bit of a burden coming from your partner but most of it will be in your imagination. Some natives, on the other hand, may need to show that they are worthy of the honour.


TOP TIP of the month: Negotiations of all sorts are going to be promoted. Remember your sensible work situation from earlier in the month, now it’s time to act and to redeem yourself. You are going to be very attractive to those around this time.

Get down to business

With the occasion of the Solar Eclipse on the 12th, you are going to enjoy some bonding times at home as well but it seems that some challenges of a practical aspect are also going to surface.

Not clear yet how you will manage them but the stars appear to be on your side, at least during this time of the month.

If one thing is for sure, then it is that you mustn’t, under no circumstances, postpone any chores or practical activities you have going on, for later in the month because with Mercury retrograde from the 26th onwards, the risk of misunderstandings, confusion and delays will definitely increase.


Watch out! You may also find that some details you may require in order to make an important decision are being withheld from you, voluntarily or not. So you may also be faced with this battle to uncover the truth.

But it’s not all gloom and doom from the 26th onwards because you will also be under the Venus trine Pluto aspect, a mysterious and highly sexually charged aspect.

The stars are prompting you to express yourself openly and there is likely to be a karmic pull for the mysterious and secretive.

Naturally you will be drawn to people who don’t reveal much about themselves and you will take this as a worthy challenge.

The Lunar Eclipse on the 27th also forms a conjunct aspect with Mars meaning that you will be fiery and ready for fight like the warrior planet but also rather emotional as the Moon.

Expect some acting on an impulse but luckily, there won’t be any major consequences occurring, none that would be worth warning you about at least.

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