Libra July 2022 Monthly Horoscope

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Don’t be worried about how others are judging you. It’s important to trust the people you care about and never disappoint them. In case you don’t, then you should be reliable. You will find your allies, but don’t forget about your values.

In July’s beginning, nothing amazing is going to happen. You need to wait until July 16th to see family, love, and work evolving a bit. Opportunities are going to present themselves in case you have the most important decisions of making. Don’t delay anything before making any decision.

If you plan on moving, then the idea is very good. See how the world is changing on the horizon, as this can do you only good. The period is ideal for vacation as well. But if you’re busy with work, then atmosphere will remain light and summery, even if stress will be normal. In the family, things are going to be quiet.

You will go to barbecues and be surrounded by a good atmosphere. On some good occasions, July is going to set the time for relaxation and rest.

July 2022 Highlights

Especially until the 23rd, relax and rest, allowing last month’s dust to settle. Things will be calm one day after the other, so you will see clearer and clearer what has to be done. Last month, the planets that have made an important advance from the Western and social sector of the chart to the Eastern one, with the displacement being more accentuated.

You will be more independent and have a lesser need to cultivate the goodwill of others or to compromise it. There will be a period in which things are going to happen your way.

The problem will be that Libra doesn’t like this too much. Of course, you won’t be intimidating or bossy, but now there will be a lesser need for the native. They can’t be helped. For this time period, your destiny will be in your own hands.

Just like during the last month, most planets will be over your chart’s horizon and your 10th House of profession, which will be very powerful. This month will be of dedication to your profession, in which you will see tremendous progress. The shocks from the past month will have beneficial consequences, increasing your prestige and professional category.

There might be a promotion, or a salary increase, if not at the same company, then at another. In case you happen to be a freelancer, then your position is going to improve as well. This is a month good for attracting people of power, such as parental figures or bosses.

Two Fire large trigons, from July 2nd and 3rd, and July 29th and 30th, plus another one in Air, from the 15th to the 16th is going to help you find work if you are after it. It’s going to improve the workforce if you’re an entrepreneur. Your financial opportunities and luck are going to change as well.

The great trine of Fire, from the 29th to the 30th will bring you all sort of romantic opportunities. After the 23rd, your health is going to improve, which will cause neglection in the diet and the health program. It’s also very possible that social commitments will have you neglecting health programs as well, so devote your attention to taking care of your feet.

Love will be happy for this month. You will approach it as pure friendship or romance, whatever you’re preferring. Some Libras will prefer both. After the 13th, there will be a current relationship becoming more friendly. Friendship will be the important factor.

You will want the partner in a romantic sense, as friends are playing the Cupid role as well. Your finances will improve every day, and while there will be delays and failures, Pluto is going to receive the most powerful aspects. Money will come through friends, partners, your intuition, as well as social connections. Like in the last year, marketing and communication will be essential for earning money.

Libra Love Horoscope for July

Lovers and married couples are going to go through disengagement, which is going to arise as a result of the elders interfering in your family. Therefore, dialoguing and seeking agreements will have to be reached.

Only if you set the proper limits to the people who are concerned, then disagreements can be minimized. Take your time for meditating, as this will do you only good. Libras who are single will get the opportunity to get out of loneliness.

They will come across people who think like them, people with whom they are going to live both serious relationships and temporary romances. In case you have plans for vacation, now it would be the time to start serious discussions, to spend your time in the sun and to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that will bring you benefits when it comes to solving situations.

For the tensions to be eliminated, spend your time with a cocktail on the beach, as the opportunity will be good. You will find an accomplice; everything will be fine and have a happy ending. Your relationship will have the rhythm that it had until now, with the partners having the same ideas and being accepting.

Whether this is the place where you’re spending the holidays, or choose a restaurant, everything is going to be in harmony. By July 22nd, there will be disagreements because of a family issue. In July, there will be a good meeting planned in the 3rd week.

In case you doubt other people, then a person is going to succeed in making you change your mind by displaying charms and subjugating you. The month of July marks changes in your emotions.

Career and Finances Horoscope

Those who have a dependent relationship will benefit from the opportunity of advancement and excel. The time will be ideal to talk with superiors, and thus, reach beneficial and great understandings. More than a Libran is going to be worthy of getting promoted, and economic improvements are going to happen during this month.

Those who are self-employed, from their part, will be facing the brilliant stage of growth. They will make contacts with invitations that will be received at social gatherings. This is going to bring all sort of economic returns and benefits. There will be emotional issues clouding the picture.

Even if they will try a lot, they won’t be able to avoid facing any relationship issue that’s going to negatively affect their projects of work. When the circumstances will be difficult, others will be expected to have the record set straight. In this month, they will have their decision-making power and courage opening their door to better job prospects.

In the matters related to any partnership, it would be the best idea to look for guidance from those who are involved in the issue. Finances of the Librans is going to be stable during the month of July, even though Uranus being present in the 8th House indicates an unexpected raise in economic, raise given by partners or relatives.

For the month of July, Librans are going to be stable, although the planet Uranus in the 8th House of the sign is indicating unexpected opportunities, presented by partners or relatives. At work, the Ceres retrogradation of Ceres in the 6th House of the Libra on the 7th causes inconveniences in how the interaction is happening with the colleagues and how the organizational system works.

This is a transit that reflects your professional goals and the design strategies used to achieve these. You might wonder if you’re in the right mental of physical place for it. Let’s keep in mind that Librans are facing the redefinition of professional profile and life mission.

With Mercury retrograde in the 10th House of balance until the 12th, in the same 10th House of the Libra, the Sun will be found here until the 22nd. The Double Moon in the sign of Cancer is going to happen on the 20th of July.

Your Wellbeing This Month

No planetary signs are announcing any major health issue. However, if you want to have your blood pressure checked, then it won’t hurt you at all to have it. The more careful you are with the diet; the more decompensations will be avoided.

Nervous system’s alteration can generate changes in the pressure, and you might need to a control at the doctor. The more the situation is handled well, and you learn relaxation, the more things will be smoothly solved, and you will have great health.

Also go for walks out in the open. The natives should also take good care of their mind, as they will be exposed to emotional pressures that are bad. Nothing is indicating any risk as far as the physical health goes, except for becoming sick with nervous and emotional issues.

Psychosomatic manifestations will be avoided by talking to a psychologist. Libras prefer thinking that others don’t see them as unbalanced. But the appropriate help is not seeked, the damage is much severe and in the long run.

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