Libra June 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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The surprising planetary charge of this June means that you will definitely not get bored and you will be able to make advances in aspects of your life that may have been stagnating for a while now.

You will benefit from better inspiration but also an objective outlook over what is going on in the office.

It may be that you will directly tackle an issue going on at the moment and you will try to take your territory back. At first you will be rather circumspect about a friend’s attempts at helping you but eventually, your confidence in them will likely grow.

You need to be careful with your health though this month, especially if you aren’t paying big attention to what you eat or how much rest you are getting. You are encouraged to opt for healthy choices and to try and stay away from excess alcohol or other substances.

During the second half of June, your partner may surface some answers to deep questions you have launched some time ago. These may impact your relationship in different ways as your reactions develop.


Enhance! Challenges at work, that would previously almost give you a panic attack, are going to be tackled with great calm and an analytical thinking pattern.

A bit of everything

The first week of June will remain under the good auspices of the May 15 New Moon, meaning that you still have chances to accomplish whatever you started the previous month before things get really busy this June.

Your communication skills are at their all-time high and the more positive interactions you have, the more confidence you will develop in yourself. Before the 3rd, you may feel slightly overwhelmed by the rapid succession of events at work but giving up will definitely not be a solution.

On the 4th, the Sun conjunct Mercury aspect debuts, as well the Venus Pluto opposition. This means that you are most likely to have your pick between a dash of suspicions and jealous behaviour as pushed by the latter disposition or the busy and distracted time of running errands everywhere as promoted by the former.


Watch out! You may want to stay away from mixing your private life with work because you may not be receiving that great of advice from either regarding aspects that are troubling you in the other.

Kindred spirits will be the craving on your mind and your expectations will increase this June in regard to our love life. Suddenly, nothing less that fiery passion is accepted anymore.

With the New Moon on the 13th, you are expected to take more initiative, especially if you want anything to move from your mind into reality. You will also be required to be serious about what you initiate and further responsibilities may be dumped on you, especially at home.

The Mercury Saturn opposition is sometimes a dreaded aspect, because, although it helps one become more comfortable in social settings, it is also a disposition that demands respect towards the domestic space and people are often required to compromise, in order to achieve both.


TOP TIP of the month: After the 21st, you are going to be in a very sociable mood and will tend to spend more time than usual with your friends, although planning stages may sometimes encounter some roadblocks.

Totally opposing attitudes

Sexual desires will play a very important role during the second half of the month as you are allowing some things to gather, especially around the 19th, when Venus starts its opposition aspect to Mars. You are easily stimulated but will also not succumb to cheap temptation.

Appearing to be in a rather competitive mode, you will feel threatened even by friends whom you know have been loyal to you for ages. For some natives this is going to be a very big deal as past insecurities are starting to surface.

The Mercury trine Neptune aspect debuting on the 19th will stimulate creativity both in personal and work aspects but this may also come with a difficult price to pay.

You will also turn rather emotional and will find it difficult to control some outbursts and a rather argumentative behaviour. Add on top of this another aspect that incites towards debate, the Mercury Pluto opposition, occurring on the 22nd and you are sure to be going through a couple of fiery days.


Astrological aspect of the month: On the 26th, Mars will be retrograding in Aquarius, meaning that your visions will be challenged by what actually happens in reality and you will be required to take swift action.

But too much creativity is not set to do you good so the stars will likely have your best interest at mind so, following the 25th, will regiment you in a work routine. This is under the Sun Saturn opposition, one in which you find it easier to pursue logical tasks and to know exactly what is about to happen next.

What you need to understand is that not everyone is as adaptable so don’t expect the world from those around. Cultivate a rather objective outlook and stay put rather than become enthusiastic at the thought of small successes at work.

The Full Moon on the 28th will ensure you say goodbye to June in style, but unfortunately, this is one gloomy and inhibited style. You prefer to surface the negative in everything and will pretend that this is the way to go.

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