Libra June 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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There is a great need to be informed and learn new things this month and you are likely to try your best and always be in the spotlight, where the action is taking places.

This attitude and thirst for knowledge are likely to help you in your career. Surely, you will not be lacking the motivation and the energy necessary for progress. However, in stressful situations, you may be distracted, so try to avoid this.

Your dominant planet this month will be Venus, which is also your ruler. The energy should vibrate through your veins when the retrograde Venus moves on the Sun's face on the 8th. Introspections and inspiration will be sparkling.

This retrograde motion means that we re-think ideas or return to the old territory that we visited just a few months earlier. The best way to deal with a backward period is to confront it rather than try to understand from unresolved external circumstances.

This is a time for the soul and not for the mind. Venus is retrograde in the 9th house of philosophy and superior teachings. You can look for answers to some of the most profound questions or look for the right path for you.

Keep your inspiration to yourself most of the time. If things have been unclear or unreliable recently, do not let yourself despair.

June highlights

The first week of June might start off in a tense atmosphere so you might turn to those close for moral or even financial help. From the 4th onwards, you will find that you communicate more effectively with your superiors and with other very important people.

After the 9th, the natives involved in distance relationships, of love or work may have a good period because good communications will be favoured.

Around the middle of the month you enjoy great growth and increased productivity, but you are looking to not neglect your family chores.

You are very confident about what you want and you will set out to accomplish some bold goals, just to prove yourself that you can.

Towards the end of the month, you may encounter some difficulty when trying to share with your family your plans. Don’t feel disappointed if they prefer to show you the risks as opposed to praising you for your ideas.

During or around the 29th, you may find yourself in a moody mood, but it does not matter because it may not go anywhere.

Avoid firing up things further in professional conflicts, because they can degenerate and affect your reputation!

Libra love horoscope for June 2019

Your love life may be subject to a family debate or somehow be a subject of interest to your peers or knowledge circles. It is not a pleasant situation at all, especially because in the second half of the month, all kinds of tensions and conflicts are likely to be born.

If you are looking for love, you might want to be patient, because in June there are little chances of serious commitment. You could be friends with someone, an attraction may be born, but it tends to be more intellectual.

Perhaps it is time to change tactics, to change the perspective of your social life or your entourage, and this is favored by the New Moon that takes place right at the start of the month.

This way, you could create opportunities for to meet new people from other circles than before, more interesting and more attractive.

Those in a relationship might find that their partner has turned on them with regards to something they very much care about.

Newly founded couples may face some obstacles from their families, who might not approve of their relationship and will need to do everything in their powers to prove themselves.

On the other hand, there will be natives, whom, when faced with these inconveniences, will get even closer to their partners and these hurdles will only make their couples stronger.

Communication becomes better, responsiveness to the needs of the other is greater.

Career progress this month

Libra natives can take advantage of a number of great opportunities on the professional level this June, as long as they curtail their inclination to be very idealistic, and are also to be favored in their love of travel or contacts with people from distant lands.

As for money matters, you may find that a real estate project or a real estate investment swallows you a large share of your income.

If you started building or renovating, the work could get bogged down by lack of funds. Even the family does not seem to have the resources to support you, so look for alternatives or simply wait until you get financially balanced.

Throughout June, caution is advised in terms of qualification courses and any educational or editorial projects. On closer inspection, you may find that you do not receive a diploma or not learning much, although you would like to improve your skills or acquire new ones.

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