Libra March 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-02-22, 3351 views

A challenging month where you will have to discern between honesty and hostility and between pleasantries and people who actually empathize with you.

A lot of meddling into personal business that you will have to keep at a distance and a lot of good occasions to speak your mind but when you are solemnly advised to be diplomatic and to maintain the silence.

Around the 5th it seems that most of the disagreement will reach its peak and you will enter in some sort of argument, maybe not heated enough but surely sufficient to see things moving in a direction or another.

Unfortunately all this will affect you more than you can imagine, and if not emotionally than surely in terms of health and by wasting all your energy resources. This is why, the more involved you are in petty discussions the more fatigued you will probably feel during the first half of the month.

Too much moodiness

You will be challenged to devise your own communication system and ways to be closer to those you love because distance might impose in between you and them in some situations.

However, don’t let suspicion run your mind because you might be quick to see yourself betrayed when there are only minor misunderstandings in the way.

Around the 19th and maybe with the complicity of the full Moon, your emotions are going berserk and interacting with you will require a lot of patience and understanding.

And maybe not everyone is equipped with all it takes, even your long standing partner. So try not to tire them entirely, especially because you will need their mental agility and support more than you can imagine during the second half of the month.

Tailor those thoughts

Work is going to be quite soliciting by definition, but the quantity of associated free time will also depend highly on how fast you move during office hours.

There is no need for extra time but you can enter into that if you spend your day dreaming with your eyes open or browsing the internet trying to procrastinate.

You need to tailor your thoughts around the idea that good things come after efforts and deadlines help you stay in action. You know how it is when you have a long holiday and get entirely bored, you wouldn’t be able to stand this the whole time, would you?

This also applies to those natives still in some sort of education form who are going to benefit a lot from this disposition, but only if they are actually set for learning and not trying in any way to cheat the system.

Choosing the right thing

After the storm of emotions a period of communication and integration with others will follow, not necessarily for a set purpose but more like a welcomed practice.

What is interesting though and might prove the main attraction will be the fact that not only you will feel better about yourself and stave off your hunger for human interaction, but you might also get in touch with some useful information you might have been chasing for a while.

Don’t be too quick though to judge people or to think you are already creating some special relationships because this is not the case.

Whatever seems great today might seem completely off tomorrow or in the following weeks. You are not very strong on intuition at this point so you might just keep your guard up.

Some limitations

There are some boundaries you will have to respect and Saturn will be there to cut off any attempts that are way out of your league. It’s not like you are not allowed any brave endeavors this March but maybe you should limit anything risky for the time being.

Some house expenditure might have you run like crazy but remember it might actually be something important or something that you have postponed for so long that it now became essential. Don’t let your partner do all the hard work and just get involved.

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