Libra March 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-02-24, 5285 views

This March is going to be one of those entertaining and full of activity months that you can only dare to dream when you are stuck doing something repetitive and terribly boring. The only word of caution is that this also brings a lot of occasions to get in trouble so you still need to keep your head on your shoulders at all times.

Some natives are going to have something to celebrate and are going to make a big fuss out of this. Others will feel the sting of some kind of love bee, and we say sting because this is going to be quite painful at the beginning, perhaps unrequited love, but then will turn into something very sweet.

You just need to brave through some episodes that are going to be quite weird, in order to get to the essence of things. You are euphoric on many occasions and this makes you get close to people who are likeminded.

The world is your stage

The first few days are going to challenge your mind at work but luckily you are not really in the mood to take things too seriously so things are going to be quite smooth.

Colleagues are going to play by your behavior so surely, the world, or office if we may say, is going to be your stage.

Try not to make a fool of yourself though because there is a fine line there between what is appropriate and not.

If you have an audience and perhaps a cheering one, this doesn’t necessarily mean that they all want the best for you. Beware of double agendas, especially if you don’t know all those in your office that well or you have angered some of them in the past.

What doesn’t really work

Projects are not doing as great as they should, perhaps because you are too busy day dreaming or entertaining yourself or others. But this is something quite harsh to say, especially around the 16th.

Venus is projecting a lot of emotional stuff on you and other people and this may be one of the reasons everyone has this anxiety of moving forward.

You are not supposed to break this circle but you are not supposed to work with it either.

Some moments will require your interventions while others, especially when other people are involved, will be better off left alone. One of the perils of this month is feeling guilty and feelings as if you are not putting enough out there.

Love complications

Some natives might end up into some sort of love triangle, either that someone from their past is showing up or that their love interest’s ex is still lurking around. When this happens in young love, things ought to get nasty.

This is what we were saying with that bee sting from the beginning. You might record this happening as if it is something that breaks all the enthusiasm from the start of whatever you are starting. It is also difficult because some doubts are going to come to play as well.

Those who are not touched about this might see their love life intensifying, although nothing new is going to happen. Who is to say, however, that it is not good to dwell in that. Friends might disagree, but when you get affected by those opinions, you should know it’s time to stop sharing.

Weirded out

It seems that during the last week of March you are going to meet with so many people that you will start thinking this is beyond normal. Don’t try to picture those moments as coincidences because you will probably end up with some very weird scenarios.

Perhaps you are just out there a lot or have been starting to notice people more than you would usually do. Money is going to buy some leverage in a relationship, perhaps in the shape of a nice and well thought loan but you need to be careful to whom you are tying yourself to.

Might also end up receiving a sort of aggressive vibe from someone in the family, perhaps someone younger and won’t really know how to handle that.

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