Libra March 2018 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2018-02-25, 4354 views

Don’t even think that you will have time this March to sit down and think of what could be. You either go head first and deal with it or do something else entirely. This is not to say that you can’t excel at logical and well thought actions, it’s just that you won’t have that extra time to waste.

With a myriad of astral configurations, most of them pushing you towards getting stuff done, you will maintain your emotions bottled up.

On the other hand, you will feel exactly what is right in relationships with those around, especially those that are related to creative endeavors. Whilst you may not end up being the most popular kid on the block, there are enough chances to shine bright and impress others.

Towards the end of the month, tensions may spike with the Venus square Pluto activity. You are not tolerating any spare words and will tend to be very blunt in all of life aspects.

Newly found taste for adventure

Cheeky or not, under the Venus trine Jupiter aspect you are not letting go of anything you truly care about and your attitude will range from the fiercest of the warriors to the most sensible of victims.

Given the fact that Venus is in Pisces, boundaries of all sorts will be muddled and you have less fears than usual. In fact, you feel unleashed from convention and don’t care anymore about consequences. At work, you will actually impress with this newly found boldness of yours.

In your private life, we can actually think of points for an against this, the strongest of the latter would be that you risk scaring your partner and leading them to imagine things.

As Jupiter transits Scorpio, you will get the chance to confront the status quo, although you don’t necessarily bring any changes in return. You really are subconsciously looking for adventure and for a break from routine.

Moving away from tensions

Around the 13th, the feminine energy of Venus will build up tension at home because of its square aspect with Saturn in Capricorn. Beware of upsetting your partner and maybe give up from time to time.

There is no need for major compromise but rather a need to pick up your battles wisely. Perhaps you could arrange for the two of you to go on a weekend break and you may be surprised that away from the daily stressors, you will be able to rediscover yourselves.

Legal matters may come to play after the 17th and you will be more attentive to small details and will come up with questions and ideas, despite not necessarily being a specialist in the area. This way you may help a friend in need.

Social mode

The New Moon in Pisces occurring on the 17th will find you in a rather serene mode, at peace with your recent choices and not very interested to move from where you are now. This doesn’t mean that your boundaries won’t be pushed, especially at work.

You may find that you will need to get involved in someone’s training or similar and although you will do everything in your power to escape that, you won’t really be able to.

Use this occasion to better yourself, whether this means to improve your communication skills or the way you come across to others.

With the Sun trine Jupiter, an accomplishment may get you in the spotlight, most likely in your circle of friends and you may need to organize an outing to celebrate that.

Less serious than expected

The very last few days of March will catch you under Mercury retrograde but there is no need to worry because you seem to maintain your logic and focus. There may be minor hiccups in terms of organizing things but nothing to really be scared of.

On the contrary, you may actually find that on the 27th, there are chances for you to rekindle an old collaboration, perhaps something that has broken off at the time because both parties were too busy.

During this new try, you will tend to invest a lot more energy and hope that things are going to work out better. There may also be some house chores that will be demanding and will likely consume a lot of your energy.

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