Libra March 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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Those born in the Libra sign are spoiled by the stars in March. They might get new opportunities, some of them of financial nature.

On the sentimental plane, everything seems to go on its own. The problems of the couple find a way to get resolved, and those who are alone have the chance to meet someone special

You start the month with more questions than answers. Whenever financial or romantic stability is put to the test, you begin to look for creative solutions.

As far as imagination is concerned, March is announced to be a successful month. On the other hand, you cannot find the necessary patience sometimes, and this will bring a lot of tension.

Open your eyes better and be more present than usual if you do not miss the chance to understand something new about yourself. Familiarity with peace and harmony predominates.

There are important things that load you with positivity throughout the month, the most obvious being your family.

There will also be times when you will want to be more distant, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express your feelings and praise the successes of those closest to you.

March highlights

Feelings are strong and the air is thick at the start of the month, which means that some discussions may take place in the family and some justifications may be required.

You are going to be very strong on your position and might even talk on behalf of someone close. You are definitely not going to let any injustice or harsh behavior take place.

The second weekend of the month might be marked with a little confusion in your social life and you might end up feeling as if you are missing out on something. Stick close to your friends and there is nothing to worry about.

You may also feel the need to change tactics at work during the third week, just to show people what a powerful stance you can take, even if this is not necessarily who you are on the inside.

During or around the 20, there will be a difficult episode that will likely make you see that you can take more than you thought.

Libra love horoscope for March

The theme of love is somewhat complicated for some single Libra natives during the month of March 2019, since they will feel rather sensible and the wounds of previous relationships may be either too recent or will just resurface.

Some may feel like there are a million things that are preventing them from having a relationship, but most of them have to do with personal perceptions. Things will brighten up to some extent as the month progresses.

With regard to the Librans that have a partner, it is possible that during the month of March 2019 they will seek a greater stability.

It will have been during the previous months that these natives may have felt a bit overwhelmed by different events and the large number of people they might have had at home.

So, it is likely that during the third month of the year seek stability, affection and rest in the company of the person they love most, while striving in love to be better together.

Career progress this month

On a professional level, things are not moving as quickly as you would wish for them to, despite the great influence of the New Moon occurring at the start of the month, on the 6th.

New business initiatives - perhaps even the prospecting of a new job - and new perspectives on older issues are encouraged but you need to take the time and effort to understand your circumstances in order to take advantage of them.

With Mercury retrograde for the majority of the month, until the 28th, to be precise, it is therefore not advisable to sign contracts or any other type of document.

Be careful who you trust and which sides you take during negotiations and most certainly don’t accept any verbal agreements. Things will be twisted a million times, this is a guarantee.

But Mercury retrograde is not all that bad, despite the embargo on any new actions. Polish your ideas and try to quit some professional activities that are no longer profitable.

Those natives wishing to return to a former job or those seeking support from a former employer may be more advantaged than on other occasions, and will receive that great recommendation they are waiting for.

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