Libra March 2023 Monthly Horoscope

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While the air is dissipating throughout the entire galaxy, you will be given the energy of feeling free. However, you will be able, until March 25th, to enjoy entertainment and happiness. You will also be encouraged to get a hobby that’s changing the way you are coming up with all sorts of new ideas and develop relationships with all sorts of people that are happy.

For the month, the planet Mars in the sign of Gemini will be your companion of traveling. You will be capable of managing the attacks coming from the sign of Aries, remaining very relaxed. On March 21st, there will be the New Moon heralding all sorts of complications.

On March 26th, the good news will be arriving, as the planet Mars will move in the sign of Cancer. But you will be feeling stuck on a thing or two. Instead, you need to try and see which are the positive aspects that can bring you a peaceful and calm life.

March 2023 Highlights

The period won’t be very harmonious, but the calm will come by its own design, this especially during the month’s first and second decade. You will need to fulfil some obligations and enter a routing, as this will serve a cause that’s common.

While this might seem unpleasant at times, you are going to see how your goal types can lead to success. The potential of energy is going to be rather unstable, so many of the natives will want to have a lifestyle that’s quieter, trying to no longer be involved in any activity that’s too active.

However, without any will, you will be spending a lot of time around the family, performing some responsibilities there, taking care of your elders, and solving some of the problems that they have. Maybe this is the reason why your interests and business will be taken to the background.

Some natives will need to be tested so that they are gaining more experience. They will be more spiritually developed, not to mention that they’re going to be paying their karmic debts. In this situation, you will have the tendency to make some mistakes that are ridiculous.

Therefore, you are going to trust the people that don’t deserve your trust, and this is going to be adding to your troubles and problems. You should pay attention to the way you are preparing your documents and not rush when it comes to signing them.

Therefore, you need to be more studious, as they’re going to be some hidden problems disadvantaging you. Libras are also going to experience some problems in the couple, and this not because they are going to be jealous, but because their parents will cause them.

However, these problems can be overcome, and the relationship will be more solidified. Starting with the 5th and further, there will be delays and professional confusion. During the 14th and around this date, there will be some life events occurring, and these events are going to show you your strength.

During the 15th and around this date, there will be challenges and tensions around work, tensions and challenges that are going to be showing. Remain focused on profession for the entire month, as you will gain a lot in this sector.

Libra Love Horoscope for March

While there will be misunderstandings in your everyday life, be happy that your loves will be doing rather well. Mars in the sign of Gemini is going to bring you entertainment, and you will go out. Life will be seen in many colors.

However, from the 26th on, instead of you feeling rather overwhelmed, you will need to be reconciling with what’s undermining your morale. The energies that are turbulent in the sign of Aries will besiege you.

Until March 25th, there will be an electric climate energizing you. Starting with March 26th and further, you will be oscillating between detachment and attachment. As usually, there will be a compromise made, and things are going to be just fine. There will be beings with charisma attracting you, yet this won’t be suiting you for the long-term.

At the month’s end, the Heaven is going to be invite you to meet all sorts of new people. This means your relationship will be calmer and stabler. Venus will be using all the power that it has to protect your marriage.

Venus is a planet that’s promising you the most wonderful moments when it comes to bonding with the partner. Singles, there will be people younger than you that will seem incredibly attractive. And it will seem as if you are more suited to mature protection, as Pluto is going to increase your protection instinct ten times more.

However, you need to ensure that the person you’re with loves you for who you are. Jupiter is going to bring a new breath to your life in the married couple. There will be no more taboos or inhibitions.

There will be a magical wind sweeping you away. You need to be taking advantage of what’s happening, without being afraid or hesitating. Single Arians, there will be some sort of a mad passion pushing you towards someone who can bring into your life the stability and calm that you need to no longer be anarchic. Pay attention.

Career and Finances Horoscope

In terms of professional development, the stars won’t be sending you any benefits for the month of March. There’s the distinct likelihood that you are going to be fighting with your bosses. This eventuality must be averted, regardless of the effort put in, as while this is going to happen, it will only destroy the professional objectives that you have.

For the entire month, you will also be insecure, so your professional conduct will be attacked. You might have the tendency to make some quick changes in your business operations or at the job. It doesn’t matter what change you’re making, you need to first deliberate carefully.

It would be a good idea to travel West. The events won’t be favoring what you’re doing in the financial direction during the month, as the stars won’t be in your favor. True to say, there will be the clearest indications that you are going to speculate and cause some losses to yourself.

This means you should avoid gambling. Also, litigation will very likely have the final decision being against you, so you might lose substantially.

Therefore, you need to strive and wait for the period to be more favorable. When it comes to the relations with your superiors or the people working under you, you might as well experience some difficulties that you can prevent.

Your Wellbeing This Month

This will be a month in which the stars won’t bring you any favors when it comes to the welfare of your family. There’s the distinct likelihood that some Libra natives are going to go through some tensions with someone in their family who is a woman, very likely their wife.

This means they need to be tactful and use their skill to escape any trouble they might be having. The atmosphere in the family won’t be the most congenial, as there won’t be any harmony in sight. From a financial point of view, the natives won’t be doing well.

Therefore, they need to pay attention to their expenses. Nothing will be especially favorable and sent from the stars when it comes to traveling. You will very likely go away by rail and road, but by air as well.

You might also take on a tour into foreign lands. However, all your efforts might not bring you the profits you’re expecting, neither the satisfaction, nor the pleasure. While this picture will be bleak, it will also be true. It will be unnecessary to travel a lot, so you might very well do without it. Go East.

Health Matters

March is a month in which the stars combined are encouraging you to be in good health. You will be predisposed to suffer from acute illnesses such as inflammation or fever. These won’t last long, and you will get the relief that you need.

There won’t be any health problem bothering you. You might also escape back trouble. However, you might get an eye infection.

This might be bothering you for some time, but if you are precautious and clean yourself properly, or take the medicine that you need, then you’re going to have these problems disappearing. All in all, the month is encouraging when it comes to health.

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