Libra May 2016 Horoscope

By Denise on 2016-04-27, 3008 views

You may be craving some examples of good behavior and in general an example to hang onto but it seems that nether this May is going to offer you this so you are completely on your own. Maybe your longing has to do with some conflict of decision in your mind or maybe you don’t feel confident enough in your choices and you need some extra assurance.

But it seems that at this point in your life you are not going to get it so might as well move on. It’s all a matter of trial and error for you. The good news however, is that this May will show you some small signs in regards to whether you are on the right track or not.

But the signs are so small that you will either have to chase them or you will have to just hope you are observant and intuitive enough to notice them.

Changes ahead

The first few days don’t seem to predict any good follow up as they might start off on the wrong foot with some incidents at home, something to frustrate you and make you doubt your choices even more. They do have some quick solutions but you will have to appeal to people in your close proximity to help you out.

Maybe you need someone to stay with the children while you’re unexpectedly having to go out or maybe you need to be put in contact with a handy man. In any case, the more interaction you have with neighbors and friends, the easier those contacts are going to appear.

If you are scared by the idea of going out there on your own, maybe you are allowed some support from someone close, however, you will have to take responsibility and do all the talking. There isn’t anything really new so your worries are unfunded.

Who do you impress

Financially speaking you are not in a bad position at all, however don’t be too quick to start thinking about investing and such if you haven’t yet paid all your bills or debt. Being frank with you means telling you that you need to stop dreaming with your eyes open and be more responsible.

This includes no shopping sprees, not for things you genuinely don’t need. Of course, if you have to purchase some sort of gift for someone else then surely you are allowed to splurge a little, as a measure of your generosity and attachment to that person.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should go out of your means for that and this gets us back to another problem of yours this May. You are trying to appear as something you are not and you don’t even try to impress the right people so you are basically doing all this in vain.

Swinging emotions

Venus is not helping you either, your emotions ranging from suspicion to complete opposition to what your partner has to say. And imagine those single natives trying to connect and build meaningful relationships being haunted by all this.

There isn’t much you can do about it and these thoughts are going to stay with you for a while. So don’t imagine you can reach any real depths in your conversations and in general in your relationship. Your mind will automatically block those endeavors out of fear of what it could uncover.

You may feel all right and at peace with your deepest desires but you don’t feel the same when it comes to those of the person in front of you.

Too much waiting, too little action

Around the 20th you will start relaxing a bit and realize that some moments need to be about yourself, perhaps go to a spa or at least have a half day as retreat. It is the best time to appeal to meditation to shake off that bad influence of Mars retrograde.

Other than this, you seem to be quite optimistic about June, although you start thinking about it quite early and thus spend the last week of May in a perpetual state of awaiting.

I wouldn’t blame you if I didn’t know that some commerce and exchange related activities are beneficial for you during this period and it seems like you are missing out on them because you are too busy waiting for time to pass.

Any serious thoughts might produce you a terrible headache during this period but you should learn early that is only for the best. Don’t let yourself miss out on those opportunities on the basis of some stupid excuses or because you are hoping they will happen again when you feel more ready to pursue them.

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