Libra May 2017 Monthly Horoscope

By Denise on 2017-04-23, 4669 views

You seem to be very eager to move on this May but there are a lot of things that are keeping you in one place, emotionally or even physically. The starting point would be an honest discussion about some things you’ve been avoiding. This will give you a different perspective and it will also allow you to relax more.

This should be too mysterious as you probably know what it is that we are talking about. Above all, this month will give you a lesson on how to cope with what has been happening and about how to accept certain things.

You are very creative and don’t feel the need to have others next to you but it seems that most work will involve collaborations. You will also have to wrap your head around some unexpected expenses, perhaps around the house.

Different activities

Around the 5th, you receive some kind of proposition that will kick start what happens next. It may be that you don’t have much control over what is being offered to you but this is not a reason not to try and bargain.

You are capable of a lot more than you would expect but in the current situation, more talking will also help.

Some spiritual guidance from someone older than you will be of great use. Your partner will also try to push you more than usual.

Some things are continuing to be tense around the family, perhaps because of something from the recent past. Natives with young adults in the house are going to feel this pressure more than anyone else. The good news is that you are not alone in this either.

Complicated love

The arrow of Cupid is going to hit where least expected or actually around the 12th, and some natives are going to be swept of their feet, not necessary by a person but more by their perception of that person.

This means that they will be quite busy dreaming with their eyes open and making all sorts of plans. They need to hang in there because this is also helping them be more motivated in other areas of their life.

Trying to prove themselves, they will try things they wouldn’t have tried before and they will be a lot bolder in making quick decisions.

Things will come back to normal with the resolution of dating or something similar. Natives already in a couple might feel a little bit more playful than usual, perhaps due to Venus’s movement.

Embarrassing situations

Around the 20th, you are going to show just how blatantly unhelpful you can be at times and your clumsiness will reach an entire new height. This may be happening because you are distracted or because you are not very comfortable trying something new.

Practical matters, no matter how easy, are going to give you a head ache and in case you have company when doing all that, you are going to feel the more embarrassed.

Your partner might attempt to help you surpass that but it seems that you are not going to react in a positive manner to them either.

This might in turn lead to some conflict and the whole thing will have to be extinguished by some promises from your side.

Working hard

The last week of May is going to offer you the chance to work harder than ever, perhaps because it is a busier time than usual or because you have promised to help someone.

The good news is that your helping hand might transform into some kind of promotion, because your effort will be rewarded. Don’t expect anything financial however, because the resources might not be in place for that.

Some natives may have to put some extra time in as well and might end up feeling quite tired and ignoring that. You need to rest, whether it is sleep or an activity that relaxes you.

If there are no plans in store, make sure you plan some and involve people who you like spending time with.

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