Libra May 2018 Monthly Horoscope

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Get a hold of yourself before you do something you may end up regretting this May. Some may say you are out of control, we would just like to point out that you are finally listening to your impulses without any refrain and this will bring you an unexpected peace of mind, and some trouble with a few of your close ones.

Underneath this rebellious behavior of yours, you will remain very aware of your responsibilities. You are not even choosing to ignore them, you will enjoy your free time and know exactly when to stop and return to your routine.

During the first half of May there will be moments in which your sharp tongue will leave those around baffled. You are not confrontational but merely want to support your opinions.

This month you also appear to be on a mission to better the life of your partner, through small gestures, some of which may not even be noticed. And you are not even doing this expecting something in return.


TOP TIP of the month: You can easily navigate any drama brought in your life by the tense Venus Neptune aspect of the 7th, if you sweeten up anything you communicate, especially when dealing with colleagues at work.

Some trust issues

The Mercury Pluto square occurring on the 7th, along with the Venus square Neptune aspect debuting on the same date, will ensure a tense beginning of May. Whatever goes through your mind is what you will be putting on the table.

Make use of this openness of your mind for educational purposes and beyond. You are more understanding of the unconventional and find it easier to put yourself in the shoes of others.

This is the time to pour all your energy in personal development, whether or not this is linked to your career path.


Watch out! Mars and Uranus will make any practical endeavors between the 13th and the 19th, rather tricky for you. There is a heightened risk of incidents during this time.

After the 15th, you may want to refrain from trusting some of your colleagues. They may be pushing to act upon their own plans, even if this may not be the right thing for you.

On the 16th or 17th, jealousy will be rife in your life, although from an objective point of view, you know that you shouldn’t be feeling like this. As Mars is moving in the fifth house, no wonder passions are running high and your usually composed nature cannot keep them tied.

Venus will move into the sign of Cancer on the 19th, and so a bit of nostalgia will descend upon you. Your compassion is stimulated and you will put your imagination to great use, to fulfill a humanitarian purpose.


Astrological aspect of the month: Venus commences its transit through the tenth house on the 19th of May, so there are greater chances for you to have your talents recognized and rewarded, perhaps through an unexpected opportunity.

Casting some doubt

Matters of your reputation at work are going to resurface, week commencing the 21st, and on this occasion, you will be very much enjoying a status of advisor.

By comparing your own goals with those of a colleague, despite the fact that your ambitions are completely different, you may feel inclined to push things higher. Beware of creating further work for you, especially if this means pressure on your work-life balance.


Enhance: Have a think about your short-term plans, especially those concerned with studies or any research related activities. You are not as invested in them as you should be, given the results you are expecting.

Mercury enters an opposition aspect with Jupiter on the 23rd, another signal that you should not be taking more than you know you can carry.

This is an aspect of questions and doubts but as well one in which we prefer to compromise, just to keep things under wraps. It will be very difficult for you, during this time, to hear the truth, no matter who is speaking it.

And better said, you will take it very personally when someone outside of your family, dares to comment on your behavior.

After the 26th, some practical demands will keep you busy and tied to your home. That is going to be a very productive weekend, although you will be very frustrated about what you need to do.

Neglectful of natural ways of entertainment, this period will be all work and no play. Perhaps you also want to prove to your partner that you can keep up with this crazy rhythm. On the bright side, your house will be spotless and everything fixed, in time for the summer.

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