Libra May 2019 Monthly Horoscope

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This May seems to arrive with a calm disposition but don’t relax completely because there are still occasions for surprises and unexpected challenges.

Professionally, for example, there might be some chances for you to be remarked by a superior and thus be given a chance you wouldn’t otherwise expect to receive.

The free time you will have this month, you'll be glad to dedicate it to culture and art, which will enrich your knowledge, as well as provide you with exciting topics of conversation.

And speaking of conversation, around the middle of the month you will surely be at your best and most charming and so will spend a lot of time with your friends and even meeting new people.

In your sentimental life it seems that you will finally get rid of the tension that has been troubling you lately. You feel very good around your beloved person and you will, as a consequence, enjoy excellent romantic moments together.

If you are alone, getting out in town, socializing and parties are just good times to meet someone who likes you.

Your interest in the financial sphere is extremely high this month. You are willing to take important steps to improve your income. But focus all your interest in the second half of the month because the first one should be dedicated more to preparation than action.

May highlights

The first week of the month could be marked by some tensions between you and your partner on a domestic theme. But good fortune is on your side and so, despite the hurdle, the communication, and thus the chances to mend things, will not be prevented.

Be careful to what you want to say around the 5th, not to run the risk of entering into some meaningless debates. From the 6th onwards, you can earn more by associating with others.

During or around the 9th, you communicate well with your partner, but it is difficult for you to agree on a family matter again and this might re-awaken the previous tensions.

From the 15th onwards, with Venus transiting Taurus, your intimate life gets a fresh breath. At a sentimental level, there is a good time to invest in the foundation of your relationships and to make a greater contribution to their own good.

For this to happen, it is important to have a lot of confidence on both sides and the certainty that the two can build lastingly.

The third week of the month will bring opportunities to learn something in an organized manner, perhaps sign up for some classes or get a particular certificate.

Around the 29th, there may be disagreements between you and your work colleagues, and that can affect the quality of your work.

In or around 31, it feels that home harmony has been installed for good, which allows you to focus on other aspects of your life. But be careful to any speculative speeches because these might throw you into disillusionment.

Libra love horoscope for May

The first half of May is the subject of some misunderstandings or marital misconduct.

It is possible that some of the older issues in your relationship that have been left unaddressed in the past, to turn into something very serious and real threatening.

In addition to this, you might find that your partner tends to be rather vehement about their beliefs and won’t have things in any other way. Don’t turn excessive or forceful just because of this.

Some Libras may find themselves living intensely with the beloved person at the level of beliefs and principles of life, and others may feel that their pair is physically, mentally, spiritually removed from the relationship.

It may also be that the dynamic of the relationship is impaired by actual distance occurring, if one of the partners has to travel for a couple of days.

The second half of the month is quieter, communication is better, and intimate life is also getting better.

For single Libras, the second half of May is great for enjoying love affairs, unusual attractions, and a craving to experience as much erotic activities as possible. But if they want to keep their antics private, they will need to be very careful with what they do because the risk of being exposed publicly is quite high.

Career progress this month

You are likely to reach a peak of creativity somewhere around the middle of the month and you will obviously feel like a very important person.

It may even be that your talent and skills will help you obtain some more advantageous terms of work, for example a pay rise, some flexible hours and even work from home.

There won’t be any major turbulences going on so do enjoy this time because you have most likely earned it.

There may be some natives that might encounter some doubts but these are only transitory. Even this struggle will lead to progress some way or another.

Towards the end of the month you may find yourself forced to make a choice between a special project at work and spending a particular event with your family. The word of advice for you would be to take your time when deciding and perhaps even involve someone else from the family in the decision making.

With regards to money, you may change your priorities a bit as the month progresses but there isn’t something dramatic to be discussed. It's good to avoid everything that looks too good to be true, including too easy loans.

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